Transcend JetFlash 910: a durable flashdrive for the new decade

Transcend ends the year with the announcement of a new high-endurance USB flash drive, taking, says the company, “the USB storage experience to a whole new level”.

Transcend JetFlash 910: a durable flashdrive for the new decade

The JetFlash 910 from Transcend uses the latest 3D NAND technology for up to 420MB/s and 400MB/s read and write speeds and offers 10 times the lifespan of a regular TLC flash drive.

The JetFlash 910 may look like your everyday USB stick, but it has performance that goes beyond that of ordinary flash drives and Transcend wants people to be aware of the fact, when they choose their next flash drive. With up to 420MB/s read speeds and up to 400MB/s write speeds, you can transfer 4GB to the drive in less than 15 seconds. Simply plug it in and transfer all your 4K movies and high-resolution images in a flash.

That’s the reason why Transcend believes that the JetFlash 910 is a market-redefining product, a USB flash drive that packs incredible performance and endurance into a compact USB form factor. The flash drive utilizes the latest 3D NAND technology to reach the high speeds offered and features an excellent endurance level of 3,000 P/E cycles – the equivalent of MLC NAND flash.

With capacities up to 256GB, the JetFlash 910 is ideal for storing a trove of 4K videos and high-resolution images, transferring them in a flash. Housed in lightweight aluminum with a sandblasted finish for extra durability and a sleek look, the JetFlash 910 takes “the USB storage experience to a brand new level” says Transcend.

Storage for 4K and 8K videos

At 10 times the lifespan of a regular TLC flash drive, according to Transcend’s data, the JetFlash 910 offers superior and persistent protection of key data, making it great everyday carry for work and life. Having a high endurance rating also makes the JetFlash 910 well-suited for write-intensive applications, such as dashcams or surveillance systems. The aluminum metallic housing makes the USB flash drive less prone to wear, while gracing it with an extra touch of sleekness.

Its uses do not stop there, though, and the Transcend’s JetFlash 910, equipped with the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, is ideal for storing large quantities of high-resolution images and 4K or 8K videos. The JetFlash 910 comes pre-formatted in the FAT32 file format for broadest compatibility. If you wish to transfer a single file larger than 4GB, you will need to reformat the drive in another format such as exFAT.

As usual for Transcend, the JetFlash 910 uses Transcend Elite, an advanced data management software package compatible with Windows OS, macOS, and Android. A free download from Transcend’s official website, Transcend Elite features backup and restore, data encryption, and cloud backup functions.

Transcend’s JetFlash 910 USB flash drive is offered in 128GB and 256GB capacities and backed by Transcend’s Five-year Limited Warranty.

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