Review: FDUCE SL40 studio dynamic hybrid microphone with A7WS & RØDECaster Pro II 13
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Memo Sauceda

Wow, mics are getting better all the time!


I went to look at the FDUCE website. No real information about the company. No location, no company management, etc. Nothing. I think we can assume it’s a Chinese firm, but why hide this info? If they’re rebranding something from another manufacturer like Alctron (another Chinese audio OEM) then they have something to hide. Not interested when there are other comparable products from reputable manufacturers at the same price.


Hello, FDUCE is a Chinese company established in 2019, located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The Amazon store has detailed information to view. Regarding the FDUCE website that you said has no location, do you mean that Google Maps is not turned on? We will put the company profile on the website as soon as possible, thank you for your attention.

Kenner Marqueti Couto

Got one a few weeks ago, it’s good but i expected a bit more upgrading from a k670 from fifine. The problems i have with it are: it could have a bit more gain, low gain forces me closer, wich makes my voice VERY boomy, i’ve seen tests that shows it’s not that bad on XLR, but over USB it gets very bassy very fast. I also get a bit of 60Hz noise, as it had shielding issues, that didn’t happen on my k670 or on a cheap BM800, i also get more handling noises than on k670, and expected more directionality and ambient noise rejection. It will still be my main mic because the headphone out is good, and on the k670 it’s very noisy. But sound wise i believe it was a maybe a side grade.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kenner Marqueti Couto

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