Top 10 Products for Houses of Worship

Looking for the technology you need to make your church production look professional and easy to operate? is your House of Worship’s source for video editing software & hardware and live production equipment.Our Technicians can help you find the solution for YOUR needs and budget. Putting together a digital video editing solution for your ministry could seem like a difficult task. there are so many questions: What kind of equipment do you need? Who do you call for support? We have answers to all of these questions and some you didn’t even know to ask! We have specialized in video editing for over 30 years!

This list is not presented in any specific order and our techs are always available to help you find the product or combination of products that best meets your needs. 

Videoguys' Top 10 Products for Houses of Worship


Videoguys' 10 products for church production


See the complete list of products from Epiphan Multicamera Streaming bundle, to NewTek TriCaster Mini, to PTZOptics Robotic Cameras, Monarch HD, and VidiU Pro.

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Join the Videoguys as we answer your most frequently asked questions. Our trained technicians will discuss the most popular video editing and production equipment available today.

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