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Promax Announces Platform


For years facilities have relied on multiple servers to manage specific tasks in order to accomplish post production workflow. Today, everything changes.

Meet Platform: It’s shared storage. It’s asset management. It’s a transcoding server. An all-in-one powerful unit that will bring simplicity and performance to any post production department.

Platform is built to be modular, enabling users to add functions to their server without the need to buy new hardware. These modules can be added when you install a Platform Server, or later as your need grow.

Modules are like building blocks, providing new functionality as needed, while leveraging the power of your existing hardware infrastructure.

How does this work?
First, begin with a platform server. Next add the modules you need. Finally, add the connectivity you need. Up to 24 direct connected users.

Build your Platform to do exactly what you need it to do.

SHARE Module | Features

  • Share Storage for Mac & Windows
  • Adobe, FCP 7, FCP X, Pro Tools & Avid Support
  • Multi User Write File System
  • Supports 24 Direct connected users on GigE or Fiber – No switch required
  • Up to 64TB in a single 3U chassis
  • Up to 256TB per server with expansion chassis
  • Redundant OS drives & spare RAID drive standard

Learn More about the Share Module

DAM Module | Features

  • Local connectivity
  • Web based connectivity
  • Works with FCP, Adobe & Avid
  • Asset Management designed for video and audio files
  • Creates Proxy Files
  • Automate review and approval processes
  • Pulls metadata directly from your media
  • Customizable with user defined metadata
  • Direct integration with many archival solutions
  • Ingest, tag, search and edit all within the user interface

Learn More about the DAM Module

Transcode Module | Features

  • Unmatched format support: ProRes (full support), DNxHD, RED, ARI RAW, XDCAM HD, Quicktime, H.264, MP4 and many more…
  • Automated delivery to MODULE SHARE, FTP, SMB, and automated publishing to the web
  • Clustering, enables you to combine multiple Platform servers to transcode/encode even faster
  • Parallel transcoding/encoding of multiple files
  • Start and stop transcodes and encodes based on priority
  • Automate Mezzanine file formats within your facility

Learn more about the Transcode Module

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