The (current) greatest photograph in the world


I love photography. I can kill hours playing with Lightroom, just clicking away with my Canon or thumbing though a couple of my favorite photography websites. But I never realized how much time I could really kill until I finally got onto David Bergman’s website and began exploring his 1,474 megapixel image from Barack Obama’s inauguration. If you haven’t seen this thing then get ready to waste some time. Bergman used the Gigapan system to create this image. It’s a “revolutionary robotic camera mount that allows you to capture stunning gigapixel images with most point and shoot cameras.” Plus it’s only $379! And the inauguration was the perfect event in which to take such a photo (if you can call this thing a photo) on such a grand scale. David has a great explanation as to how he achieved the image so I won’t repeat it here. I will say that if you can’t get to the image from the above link then keep trying since the site has been down a bit due to the overwhelming traffic. You can also try the gigapan.org site and view the image as well as snapshots that other users have found and saved. I just looked at Oprah’s hand! Thanks to David for making such a fantastic image and sharing it for all of the world to see.

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