The new Sigma 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens will be available in March

Optimized for ultra-high-resolution 6K-8K productions, according to the company, the new Sigma 28mm T1.5 FF expands the cine lenses family started by Sigma in 2016.

Sigma 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens arrives in March

The new Sigma 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens, will be available in mid March 2019, in two versions: regular and fully luminous.

The newest addition to Sigma’s cine prime lens lineup will be shippingavailable soon, according to the company. The Sigma 28mm T1.5 FF, will be available in mid March 2019 for $3,499.00 for the regular version and $4,499.00 for the fully luminous (FL) version.

With this new expansion to its family of cine lenses, the company gives filmmakers another creative tool. One of the key focal lengths to achieve a true cinematic look, the wide-angle perspective of a 28mm lens has long become an industry standard in shooting motion pictures. DPs and filmmakers of all genres will now have the opportunity to add this gem to their Sigma Cine lens collection to further enable their creative vision and enhance their workflow.

Sigma 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens arrives in March

A case for your Sigma Cine lenses

The lens was previewed at IBC 2018, last September, along with the 105mm T1.5 FF and the 40mm T1.5 FF, both introduced until the end of 2018. The 28mm T1.5 FF was promised for early 2019, and here it is! With these additions, the FF High Speed Prime Line now includes ten lenses covering 14mm to 135mm and T1.5 to T2, giving cinematographers even more options to empower their artistic expression and take their cinematic vision to the next level.

The Sigma Cine 28mm T1.5 FF coming in March is a fast and sharp T1.5 cine lens compatible with full-frame camera sensors and optimized, says Sigma, for ultra-high-resolution 6K-8K productions. Featuring a 180-degree focus rotation, this lens is available in EF, E and PL mounts with lens support foot and cap included.

In addition, Sigma is now offering a five-piece case that can hold the 14mm, 28mm, 40mm, 105mm and 135mm cine lenses to safely transport your gear. The new case is also available for purchase in mid March for $750.00.

Sigma 28mm T1.5 Full-Frame Cine Lens arrives in March

Proeminent features

Here is a list of some of the most prominent characteristics of Sigma Cine Lenses:

  • Individual inspection of every single lens with A1 proprietary Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) measuring system using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Even previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of their quality control inspections.
  • Computer-based ray tracing has been used from the design stage onward to minimize flare and ghosting and enhance contrast in backlit conditions. Ghosting has also been checked at every prototype stage, with its causes identified, assessed and eliminated.
  • Color balance standardized across the line to make color correction a breeze.
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof construction, with each ring and mount sealed to prevent water and dust from entering.
  • The body is made 100% of metal to stand up to tough professional use over the long term.
  • Luminous paint for enhanced visibility
  • Laser engraving for enhanced durability
  • Mount Conversion Service allows users to convert their lenses to and from EF and E-mounts (charges apply). If the camera system changes, it is possible to simply convert the mount system to continue using the high-performance Sigma lenses.

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