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The All-In-One Flash and Triggering Solution

The new Phottix Mitros+ for Canon mixes a flash with a built-in transceiver, for a new industry landmark.

Phottix has taken hot shoe flashes to the next level by adding radio transmitter and receiver functions into the Mitros+. Use the Mitros+ on-camera as a key or fill light, as well as control and trigger other Mitros+ flashes or compatible flashes using Phottix Odin Receivers.

I recently wrote here about the new flash from Phottix, in the article, Phottix Mitros: Cheap TTL for the Masses. Well, now the flash bcomes even more interesting, because Phottix, answering to requests from photographers, included in the flash a radio trigger. Better, a transceiver compatible with their line of radio triggers. What was already a good solution for photographers using flash and needing the remote control becomes now even better. It's, as they say,  the All-In-One Flash and Triggering Solution for photographers.

All functions can be controlled from the LCD on the back of the Mitros+
Phottix's latest innovative photography product, the Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash, is based on the original Mitros flash. With it the company answers the suggestions and dreams from photographers, including a transceiver in the flash that is compatible with their most popular radio triggers. A new era opens for many photographers.

What makes the Mitros+ unique are the built-in radio flash triggering and power control functions. Most native flash systems control and fire remote flashes by optical pulse. These systems have several limitations. Many radio systems use a dedicated radio transmitter on the camera – making using an on-camera flash more difficult.

Phottix has taken hot shoe flashes to the next level by adding radio transmitter and receiver functions into the Mitros+, so no external triggers are needed. Photographers can use the Mitros+ on their camera, and control and fire remote compatible flashes in TTL or Manual modes. The Mitros+ is compatible with many Phottix flash triggers, including the ground-breaking Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger system.

“The Mitros+ simplifies a photographer’s life,” said Phottix CEO Steve Peer. “By building in transmitter, receiver and control functions photographers can do more with less gear.”

The Phottix Mitros+ is available for Canon, but as Phottix did with the original Mitros, Nikon owners and probably Sony will also get their own version of the Mitros+.

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