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SymplyULTRA, a collaborative workspace

Announced at NAB 2017, the SymplyULTRA, is presented as an ideal solution for broadcast, studio, post and other professional media workflows.

SymplyULTRA, a collaborative workspace

SymplyULTRA, from Symply, raises the bar for integrated workflow storage collaboration, combining in a compact 2U design fully redundant RAID and StorNext 5 sharing.

A global provider of high-performance digital storage solutions, Symply announced at NAB 2017 the launch of SymplyULTRA, the next evolution of the ultra-modern collaborative storage workspace, developed from the latest available technologies including proven Intel Xeon multi-core processors and a bedrock Linux operating system.

The advanced architecture features, claims Symply, “a powerful software-defined virtualized RAID and application hosting environment that deeply integrates high-availability StorNext5 integration with nearly unlimited tuning and optimization capabilities. This powerful combination allows SymplyULTRA to deliver on the concept of the ‘complete collaborative workspace’ – an inclusive collaboration environment for Fibre Channel and Ethernet users. While ensuring truly seamless collaboration and connectivity – the system is absolutely designed for performance.

With eight 16Gb Fibre Channel ports users can handle the demands of online 4K editing, while eight additional 10Gb Ethernet ports are provided for proxy editing, graphics, review and other lower bandwidth operations that are ideal for Ethernet.  Broadcasters, film studios, post-production houses, and other media creatives will experience a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and workflow collaboration capabilities. The ultra-fast SymplyULTRA storage solution is being demonstrated at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 24-27, at booth SL13710.

“Today there are many choices for workflow storage, and until now you either had to compromise on performance, space, or price, but SymplyULTRA and the workspace concept truly changes the game.” said Alex Grossman, president and CEO of Symply, Inc. “We are taking system integration to a new level and bringing the power of Quantum StorNext to small workgroups that likely wanted the best sharing solution, but could not afford it. With SymplyULTRA you no longer have to compromise on quality, redundancy, performance, or interface type, it’s all here.”

According to the company behind the product, “unlike many integrated storage solutions sold for media, SymplyULTRA is built on a proven enterprise hardware platform that offers true high-availability operation. SymplyULTRA delivers not just RAID protection, but redundant RAID controllers, redundant Metadata controllers and IP re-share servers, all presented in one compact 2U system. 4U expansion systems can be added to provide workspaces above 1PB. Workflow Storage deployment has never been easier than with SymplyULTRA – the highly-integrated platform is managed by an all-new application called SymplyRTM (Real-Time Management).”

SymplyRTM is the first workflow management tool that combines the setup and management of StorNext and all RAID management steps into a single operation. Users can simply deploy systems locally or around the world. SymplyULTRA is available in a range of configurations to meet a variety of requirements depending on performance, capacity and number of users – all backed by Symply’s storage and workflow experts and preferred integrators and resellers worldwide.

SymplyULTRA is shipping now, as is its companion RAID-only product SymplyIO. Some SymplyULTRA models offer up to five-year warranty and five years of maintenance. More information about SymplyULTRA and SymplyIO is available at Symply’s website.

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