Streaming Summit at NAB Show 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming

The Streaming Summit at NAB Show will focus on the business and technology of OTT video, showing how some of the largest companies in the world are monetizing their video libraries.

Streaming Summit at NAB 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming

For two days during NAB 2019, the Streaming Summit will be the stage to discover everything about transcoding and monetization of video. More than 75 speakers will share their experiences and visions.

Presented as “The OTT Event of the Year!”, the Streaming Summit Conference is back at the 2019 edition of NAB. The event, produced by NAB Show in association with Streaming Summit Conference Chairman Dan Rayburn, will take place April 8-9 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The Streaming Summit is a critical component in NAB Show’s continued focus on the business, technology and content powering the phenomenal growth of OTT video and streaming,” said NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown. ”This one-of-a-kind summit is an opportunity for attendees to hear from key influencers in the business.”

The information now made available indicates that the event will feature more than 75 speakers across two tracks. Technical topics to be addressed include the transcoding, packaging, monetization and playback of live and on-demand video, including how to deliver the best viewing experience. Attendees will also learn how to capitalize on direct-to-consumer offerings and how some of the largest companies in the world are monetizing their video libraries via advertising, subscription and other monetization strategies.

Streaming Summit at NAB 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming

$129 billion in revenue in 2023

The aim of the Streaming Summit is simple: making sense of the OTT landscape. No hype, no marketing, just real-world technical and business discussions, presentations and fireside chats, covering the video stack and video monetization. The event will help participants to better understand monetizing options and why direct-to-consumer models are winning, in a landscape where the numbers suggest that global OTT revenue will reach $129 billion in 2023.

Whether through advertising (AVOD), transactions (TVOD), or subscriptions (SVOD), selecting the right monetization option and learning how to successfully implement it in a multi-device, web-driven ecosystem is challenging. During the event participants will have the opportunity to learn how to capitalize on direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings and hear how some of the largest companies in the world are monetizing their video library and building a brand relationship with their customers.

Streaming Summit at NAB 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming

A reunion of leading OTT platforms

For the monetization goals to be met, it is important to understand the technology of OTT video, and how new solutions help to deliver the best viewing experiences to audiences. It’s not just about delivering to TV sets, consumers now expect the best video quality on their devices and TVs anywhere, anytime. OTT platforms and broadcasters continue to be challenged and are continuously improving their video workflows to give their audience the best possible viewing experience.

The Streaming Summit covers all those aspects and its organizers state that “so, we’re going back to the basics! Everything you need to know about packaging content, transcoding, media management, playback, analytics and so much more – all from industry leading experts.” That’s what you can expect from an event that will also feature nearly a dozen fireside chats with key executives in the online video market, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Comcast, Hulu and many other leading OTT platforms.

Examples of what will be discussed during the event? Amazon Video Fireside Chat has the title “A New Ballgame: The Tech Behind Amazon’s LIVE Sports” and the company will share its experience with live sports on Prime Video, started in 2017, with a ground-breaking NFL partnership that has continued in 2018 and 2019, while Amazon also launched AVP, PGA Tour, NBA League Pass, and more. Session speakers will reveal how Amazon Prime Video built their live platform from the ground up and are tackling the future of live programming with innovative experiences and high quality at scale.

Streaming Summit at NAB 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming

Distributing multiple packaging formats

In terms of technology, participants can expect sessions as the one titled “Best Practices for Encoding and Packaging for Live Event Streams (Track B)”, where they will learn which encoders can best assist a live stream producer with the best bitrate-to-quality ratio as well as server technologies that can distribute in multiple packaging formats to multiple destinations.

In today’s live event ecosystem content has to be distributed to a wide range of destination targets, from Facebook to YouTube to customized playback experiences in web browsers, mobile apps, and smart TVs, so it is important to know the best solutions available for packaging. The speaker for this session is Robert Reinhardt, who is a Video Solutions Architect at VideoRx and is internationally regarded as an expert on multi-screen application development and online video, particularly with real-time low latency delivery for HTML5, iOS, Android, and AVC/H.264.

If the subjects described above interest you and you want to know the full schedule of conferences at the Streaming Summit at NAB Show, follow the link to the website created for the event.

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