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Sony Annouces OLED High Dynamic Range Monitor

At the Sony NAB15 Press Conference, Sony demonstrated High Dynamic Range technologies including a OLED monitor for color grading and home TV viewing.

“Sony employs high dynamic range on a number of its products and the brightness demonstrated is second to none,” said Peter Crithary, marketing manager, Sony’s Professional Solutions Americas group. “The pictures speak for themselves, highlighting High Dynamic Range’s ability to create superior color and imagery.  HDR is becoming a more visible technology, recreating stunning images in true colors, previously only captured by the human eye.”

Sony’s High Dynamic Range mastering process consists of a combination of high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, and high resolution.

Sony’s F65 and F55 cameras deliver a color gamut wider than that of print film, and a wide dynamic range (14 stops) that faithfully captures light and dark areas with minimal white clip and black crush. For the first time ever, there is a monitor available that can fully display the capabilities of these cameras – Sony’s new BVM-X300 4K OLED master monitor. It uses a unique wide color gamut OLED panel and an original color management system to deliver high brightness, high contrast, and a wide color gamut, all at 4K resolution.

bvmx300_others_141128_06-1200Sony believes, and they might not be wrong, that High Dynamic Range imaging tears open the limits of broadcast standards, while also expanding the color gamut. Bright areas that are typically saturated in conventional Standard Dynamic Range now retain their true colors in High Dynamic Range, giving video producers access to a broader creative range and new levels of realism and expressiveness. 

Lastly, Sony appears to be bringing high-dynamic-range content into the home with Sony planning to launch a consumer TV with high dynamic range capabilities later in 2015.

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