Smart Shooter 4: tethered shooting for Canon and Nikon cameras

If you’re a Canon or Nikon user who shoots tethered, then Smart Shooter 4 is for you. The new version of the app is backed by Tether Tools support, for the best of both worlds.

Smart Shooter 4: tethered shooting for Canon and Nikon cameras

The best tethering accessories need the best-tethered capture utility software, so Tether Tools has chosen Smart Shooter as the app to suggest its clients. Try Smart Shooter 4  free for 30 days.

Tether Tools has some of the best accessories for whoever needs to shoot tethered. Now the company also has a software which is, as the company puts it, “exceptional”. In fact, Tether Tools has partnered with Kuvacode Oy, creator and developer of Smart Shooter, to become a development partner and exclusive global distributor of Smart Shooter.

Combining Tether Tools 10 years of experience helping photographers with tethered photography and Kuvacode’s exceptional software quality allows us, says the company, “to bring the best in class tethered photography capture utility.” Smart Shooter provides tethered capture for most Canon and Nikon cameras utilizing a reworked user interface, to provide speed and performance for all your tethering needs.

Smart Shooter 4: tethered shooting for Canon and Nikon cameras

Smart Shooter 4 Pro version

The software allows users to fully control their camera from a Mac or PC, giving them freedom to explore and experiment to help make the perfect picture. Automatic download and display means it is possible to fully evaluate photos in seconds, and real time live view output will help users focus and compose the scene. Scripting language lets users control your camera, allowing you to take multiple photos with varying settings just by clicking a single button.

The app comes in two versions, both for a single user, but with different options and prices. The base version, Smart Shooter 4, which costs, $69.95, can be used with one camera and offers tethered shooting, remote control, live view and prepackaged scripts. The Smart Shooter 4 Pro has the functions from the base version, but offers multi-camera control, barcode scanning, accepts external API and allows user to create their own scripts. Priced at $195.95, it also allows users to use it with up to 8 cameras.

Smart Shooter 4: tethered shooting for Canon and Nikon cameras

Compatible with Canon and Nikon mirrorless

The base version will probably be enough for most photographers, but if you’re working in an environment where multiple cameras are needed, the Pro version is the right solution, as it allows you to connect multiple cameras to a computer at the same time. The interface allows users to select the camera being controlled and from which images are seen on the screen.

Smart Shooter 4: tethered shooting for Canon and Nikon cameras

The option to create scripts, present on the Pro version, gives users the ability to change camera settings and control when photos are taken. This allows you to take a series of different photos without manual operation of the camera or computer. The Pro version also offers barcode scanning, meaning it has the ability to scan a photo and detect if it contains a barcode or QR code, and extract the text information from it. Finally, it offers the option to use the External API feature, providing a way to integrate Smart Shooter with your existing software systems.

The new version of the software, for Windows and Mac, features a series of improvements that, as Tether Tools says “take it from great to exceptional” and the Smart Shooter 4 is already compatible with the new mirrorless models from Canon and Nikon, meaning if you’ve got one of these new cameras, you can start shooting tethered right away, simply by acquiring the newly launched app. Check also the tethering solutions available from Tether Tools.

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