SmallHD announces world’s first wireless 13 and 17“ production monitors

SmallHD continues to introduce new solutions, with wireless being the keyword always used to announce recent products, as the new 13RX and 17RX production monitors.

SmallHD: world’s first wireless 13 and 17“ production monitors

The new SmallHD 13 and 17“ production monitors with integrated Teradek wireless are announced  just before Cine Gear Expo 2019 starts, and will begin shipping in a couple of weeks.

Do more with less is the promise made by SmallHD with the new monitors now announced. The 13RX and 17RX production monitors, presented as the world’s first wireless 13 and 17“ production monitors, will allow professionals to work with more confidence and fewer complications, says the company.

The 1303 HDR Bolt Sidekick and 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick production monitors provide cinematographers with an image they can trust. With high-performance display quality and the industry’s most reliable real- time wireless technology built-in, these ruggedly designed production monitors bring tremendous value while eliminating the number of accessories on set.

This 13-inch production monitor/receiver adds, says SmallHD, incredible agility for 1st ACs and DOPs. With a built-in Teradek Sidekick II receiver, this daylight viewable display pairs with SmallHD TX monitors and Teradek Bolt 500, 1000, and 3000 transmitters; without adding any extra cables or batteries into the mix. The 13RX features a 1500 nit bright, razor-sharp LCD display, robust signal/power options, and is compatible with Teradek RT Overlays. The 13-inch model costs $5499.00.

Size, brightness and color gamut

The 1703HDR SK RX, equipped with a reference grade, daylight viewable display, and built-in Teradek wireless receiver,  is, according to SmallHD, a DIT’s dream. It’s literally a complete video village with a ruggedly built exterior. With color reproduction that rivals OLED technology and the ability to send real-time 3D LUTs downstream, the 17RX saves time, eliminates clutter and provides cinematographers with an accurate view of the post-production look. The 17-inch model costs $5699.00.

Which size you choose depends essentially on your specific needs and space. Size, brightness, and color gamut are the minor differences between these two wireless monitors. The 17-inch model has 1000 nits against the 1500 nits on the 13-inch model,  color gamut is also DCI-P3 100% for the bigger monitor and 93% NTSC for the smaller version. SmallHD suggests that the 13-inch model is a tack-sharp and conveniently sized Focus Puller’s dream machine that can display lens control data for Teradek RT wireless FIZ systems.

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