SliderPlus now has legs

When edelkrone created the SliderPlus they made it so it offers twice the amount of camera travel of regular sliders, when mounted on a tripod. Now they added legs, for when you want to take it to the ground.

SliderPlus now has legs

The new legs for edelkrone’s SliderPlus open new options for users that want to carry with them a small versatile slider. Still, the whole system fits into a backpack.

SliderPlus is a modular slider from edelkrone. You can attach different parts to it, to get it motorized, for example. But just the bare slider is something special, as it offers more travel space, when mounted on a tripod, than a regular slider of the same size. There is also another important aspect to the slider: it is possible to order it in different sizes, so users can buy the slider that best fits their needs; traveling videographer will be happy to have a slider longer than others that still fits inside a regular backpack.

Being able to choose the starting dimensions of your slider is an important aspect, so much, in fact, that edelkrone created six size options to select from, three for the SliderPlus and another three for the SliderPlus Pro variant. You’ll find on edelkrone’s website all references about sizes and carrying capacity, so it makes no sense to repeat it all here.

What’s interesting to reveal now is that the SliderPlus just got legs. Legs allow you to take it from the tripod and place it on the ground, over a table or any other surface, effectively extending the working options when it comes to the SliderPlus.

SliderPlus now has legs

The four individual legs, which give a maximum clearance weight of 2.36 in (6 cm), allow users to adjust each leg based on the terrain. The legs, which are optional, are foldable so the slider fits easily within your bag. The legs can be used with the edelkrone modules of Action and Target motion control, which allow for extended operation options of the SliderPlus.

It’s obvious that when you remove the slider from the tripod head you lose the extended travel characteristics of the slider, but you gain other options, a demonstration of the versatility of modular solutions of this type. No price announced, yet, for this accessory for the SliderPlus.

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