Contour ShuttlePRO V2: a video editing “console” for $126

If you dream of a Lightworks Console for video editing but have not got the money to get it, then the ShuttlePRO V2 is for you. It emulates the Lightworks Console in looks and functionality but costs – much – less.

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According to users, the ShuttlePro V2, when used together with the mouse, minimizes keyboard confusion and improves efficiency at least 30%. Lightworks partnered with Contour Design and produced a Lightworks edition ShuttlePRO V2, considered the perfect productivity accessory for editing with Lightworks on PC or Mac. Linux users can also use it, although there is some work to do to get it working.

The new ShuttlePRO V2 is available at Lightworks’ shop online, but you can take advantage of their special introductory offer; while stocks last they are including the controller with each purchase of the Lightworks Pro Outright license. The special edition includes, Lightworks Pro Outright, Boris Graffiti, Boris FX and ShuttlePRO v2 and costs $437.99 through using the coupon code OUTRIGHT_BUNDLE_2016.

This limited edition branded ShuttlePRO emulates the Lightworks Console both in looks and functionality. The innovative design and intuitive range of controls (check the demonstration video) improves workflow, saves time, allows users to work smarter, not harder.

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With the latest driver available from Contour Design, the ShuttlePRO incorporates all the settings you need to turn the accessory into your own mini Lightworks Console for a fraction of the price. In fact, this edition of the ShuttlePRO alone costs $125.99, while the Lightworks Console costs more than $2500.

With a Jog Shuttle Wheel for easy scanning of your Timeline, the Lightworks Shuttle PRO V2’s spring loaded jog shuttle wheel allows multi speed scanning both forwards and backwards along your timeline. Whilst allowing you to trim a clip, or add an important effect marker to your product, the jog dial will respond with a comfortable click to help you find your mark.

A total of 15 programmable buttons allows to define shortcuts and macros used regularly, increasing productivity. The Shuttle PRO v2’s macro feature enables you to assign one button to do many things in sequence. For example, “1. Save project, 2. Export, 3. Close project, 4. Create new project, 5. Save new project as.” You can also assign several macros to one button, and with each press of the button on your Shuttle, the next macro will begin.

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Ease of use is key to ShuttlePRO V2, and to help you easily get started, the supporting software for Mac & PC includes pre-configured setup for over a 100 popular editing/productivity applications. ShuttlePRO V2 also detects the application in use and switches configuration automatically, a real bonus if you’re using multiple apps in a single project.

According to Jim Canter, from CreativeCow.net, “the ShuttlePRO v2 is habit forming. Use one for a day or two and you’ll be hooked… get one. You’ll be glad you did!”. Another user, Brian Drysdale, said: “I tend to edit in a straight-forward narrative style and coming from a film background the ShuttlePRO gives what I most miss about the standard computer inputs; the tactile feel of using a Pic Sync to scrub through the sound.”


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