Shutterstock Elements: a new collection of video effects for filmmakers

Shutterstock introduced its new solution for anyone from editors to vloggers: thousands of cinema-grade video effects for filmmakers, to take your projects to the next level.

Fire, explosions, glass shattering, 4K lens flares, essential transitions and much more are now available to buy, online, from the new curated collection from Shutterstock: meet Elements!

Shutterstock continues to expand its offer in terms of footage, now with something completely different but equally important for filmmakers: Shutterstock Elements. Over 3,000 elements captured on cinema-grade cameras and lenses have been added to the site, including transitions, lens flares, VFX (visual effects), video kits, film overlays, HUD (head-up display) and UI (user interface) elements. Compatible with all major video editing programs, Elements also includes detailed tutorials on how to optimize effects.

Presented as offering “blockbuster-quality video effects created by industry professionals”, the new Shutterstock Elements is a sign of the times. Video consumption rates continue to grow and consequently, the power of video content has never been stronger. According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report, digital video is now up to 28% of average daily watching time and 59% of Gen Z users cite YouTube as their preferred learning channel. As marketers respond to this trend by making video a top priority in their marketing mix, Shutterstock Elements offers, says the company, “popular, easy-to-use video effects that anyone can apply to make their content stand out.”

Shutterstock Elements

Effects for  editors, compositors and vloggers

“The demand for high-quality video is growing while budgets are only getting smaller and timelines are getting shorter. Video editors, compositors, and vloggers are constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining quality and making the content stand out in today’s golden age of video,” said Sylvain Grande, SVP of Product at Shutterstock. “Elements is a one-stop shop for creatives who are churning out projects at an unprecedented rate, providing assets made with cinema-grade equipment that can make any project look like a big-budget production in no time.”

The new offering includes expertly curated categories for specific genres, from content for everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes. Video kits like “Yum” are tailored for food vloggers and How-to’s with over 100 elements including lower thirds, transitions, animated characters, and loopable backgrounds. Film overlays like “Illuminate” offer 120 different light leak elements and practical effects shot in 4K resolution. The curated collections are designed to take any video project to the next level by adding polished elements and finishing touches like flares and sizzle for a more professional feel.


Shutterstock Elements

Huge explosions ready to use

The wide selection of elements ranges from digital assets, like transitions and overlays, to physical effects like explosions or glass shattering. The physical assets were each filmed on location with specialists using high-end gear—like the Ricochet VFX pack, which includes authentic muzzle flashes filmed working alongside gun experts, or the Detonate VFX pack which offers explosions as wide 250 feet.

In 2018 Shutterstock introduced Shutterstock Select, a new and diverse collection of more than 10,000 video clips with exclusive content with everything from everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes, and in recent years the company has expanded its 4K footage collection as well as the Cinemagraphs the company embraced in 2015.

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