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Shutterstock Select: a new premium footage collection shot by professionals

Shuterstock introduced a new and diverse collection of more than 10,000 video clips with exclusive content with everything from everyday moments to blockbuster action scenes. Meet Shutterstock Select.

Shutterstock Select: a new premium footage collection

Available to download in both 4K and HD, the new premium footage from Shutterstock was filmed by industry experts using cinema-grade cameras and selected by the agency’s expert curators.

As stock footage continues to solidify itself as an essential pillar within the TV and filmmaking process, Shutterstock is expanding its offerings to meet this ever-growing demand, introducing Shutterstock Select, featuring a curated collection of over 10,000 premium 4K video clips filmed using cinema-grade gear. This premium footage, filmed by industry experts, represents another step in a story that began earlier this year, and includes an extension to Final Cut Pro X and drone footage.

In fact, Shutterstock has been working to expand its library of video content, a move that took a new direction last Summer, when the stock agency announced a content distribution with the largest global drone operations company, DroneBase. The agreement gave Shutterstock’s 1.8 million customers access to hundreds of high-quality 4K videos produced by DroneBase’s worldwide Pilot Network.

Shutterstock Select: a new premium footage collection

Shutterstock, DroneBase and aerial footage

With filmmakers and videographers of all levels looking for aerial footage to include in their work, as it offers perspectives not easily available before, Shutterstock decided to enhance its collection with this type of content. DroneBase was used because the company offers a network of professional drone pilots in all 50 states and over 70 countries taking 4K video from all over the world including: Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Malta, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Traditionally, DroneBase clients include commercial and residential real estate clients as well as media companies like Reuters. By providing this footage to a footage library like Shutterstock, they are opening up the opportunity to see additional revenues for creative works. The growth of aerial technology, particular drones with 4K cameras, has transformed the production industry by giving producers access to cinema-quality footage without needing the budget for a full shoot with a plane or helicopter.

DroneBase’s network of professional drone pilots provides all kinds of high-quality aerial video content, at a more accessible price. Furthermore, drones offers perspectives that are impossible to get from helicopters or airplanes. From a soaring birds-eye-view of the biggest cities in the world to incredible views from above a desolate island floating in clear blue waters, all of this immersive content is now available to license for commercial use.

Shutterstock Select: a new premium footage collection

An extension for Final Cut Pro X

More recently Shutterstock took another step to offer its collections to even a wider audience: to enable editors to materialize their creative visions quickly without sacrificing quality, the latest release of Final Cut Pro X offers a multi-asset Shutterstock extension available for download, giving editors access to Shutterstock’s library of over 225 million high-quality video clips, images, and music tracks, which grows at a rate of more than one million new assets per week.

As the only extension providing royalty-free video clips, images, and music tracks within Final Cut Pro, the Shutterstock integration offers editors ready-to-use creative assets at their fingertips. Additionally, a seamless integration provides a smooth user experience by allowing editors to stay within one interface during the post-production process.

To support a range of video projects, the Shutterstock extension also provides hundreds of high-quality assets for free across a variety of custom curated collections. The free assets allow editors to immediately fill in content gaps by leveraging Shutterstock’s diverse range of video clips, music tracks, and images produced by world-class videographers, musicians, photographers, and artists. As the Shutterstock library grows, the free collections will be updated as well. This ensures that editors have access to the freshest content available.

Shutterstock Select: a new premium footage collection

The Shutterstock Select

Now Shutterstock announces its new collection, the Shutterstock Select. This new tier of content offers, according to the stock agency, the highest production value available in the industry and features in-demand content categories such as cinematic aerials, millennial adventure, gastronomy, action scenes, and workplace scenes. The shots combine artistic and technical excellence and are filmed on cinema-grade equipment including RED cameras and cameras using Cine lenses. A highly-skilled team of professional filmmakers and motion designers created this selection of footage with a particular focus on executing the most exceptional camera movements, composition, and acting.

“As most filmmakers and cinematographers know, creating high quality establishing shots are important to any film, but are also very expensive to produce,” said Jon Oringer, Founder and CEO of Shutterstock. “We’re thrilled to now offer this new tier of Hollywood-quality content to our customers who are looking to elevate their video projects with a cinematic flair.”

The Shutterstock Select video collection is available to download in both 4K and HD. Know more about the Select collection here.

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