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The Digital Process Workflow Lab debuted at Createasphere's Entertainment Technology Expo this year with much success. An integral part of DPW, Scayl showcased how data can be send from one area of the workflow to another with ease. {C}

In the video below Chad Andrews explains how Scayl fit into the workflow in an essential manner. Later, Natcole King and Judith Helle tell us how Scayl works and why it is an important part of any workflow no matter the size. The video also showcases how the DPW Lab functioned at the show and where Scayl fit into the workflow that was laid out at the show.

Scayl's software is the first true email service with no attachment limits. It is a social sharing application that combines a distributed, secure and private cloud (server and client in one) to help people communicate directly and more efficiently with their friends, families and coworkers. Scayl gives users an ideal solution that is free, easy, far faster, and enables secure delivery of large attachments including folders of files. It will run on many devices from laptops to digital living room gear, and users can view attachments on any display including iPads, HD TVs, and mobile devices. It works with legacy email clients such as Outlook and connects the new better Scayl email platform to the old ones. Home videos can be previewed or played as they are still arriving similar to how Netflix works. Content can be delivered into the first spam-free folders.

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Jeremiah Karpowicz

Jeremiah Karpowicz moved to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter but quickly realized making a film was about much more than the script. He worked at a post house where films like Watchmen (2009), Gamer (2009), and Green Lantern (2011) came through the door, but settled in as the Executive Editor of ProVideo Coalition, a publication which pulls together content from working professionals across media & entertainment. He’s shot, edited, and posted video content from various trade shows for PVC and writes for the site regularly.

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