Save $1,297 on the new all-in-one creative suite VEGAS Production Pack

What do you get when you mix VEGAS Pro 16, SOUND FORGE Pro 12, SpectraLayers Pro 5 and XARA Designer Pro X? You get a new creative suite, VEGAS Production Pack.

Save $1,297 with the new VEGAS Production Pack

Black Friday may be gone, but until December 11 you can get a unique deal for the VEGAS Production Pack, the all-in-one creative suite for video, audio and design. Pay $399.00 instead of $1,696.00.

The new VEGAS Production Pack is a special deal from MAGIX that mixes under the same name four tools from the company’s catalogue, so building a new all-in-one creative suite for video, audio and design, which extends the offer already available from the company.

While the VEGAS Production Pack  may not be the set of tools some will need, it is hard to resist the idea of paying only $399.00 for a package that, acquired individually, would cost $1,696.00. Saving $1,297 is a great Black Friday, Cyber Monday, ot whatever you want to call it deal. The offer is valid until December 11, 2018.

Save $1,297 with the new VEGAS Production Pack

The all-in one from VEGAS

With the VEGAS Production Pack you can do everything from editing your films and music. Here is what is included:

  • VEGAS Pro 16, launched recently, is packed to the brim with amazing new features, all designed to help you work faster, smarter and more creatively. This new VEGAS Pro gives you more flexibility, more power and more professional features for all your video creation needs.
  • SOUND FORGE PRO 12, is your go-to tool for film scoring and the industry standard for music production and creating professional masters. With its wide range of multichannel recording features, intuitive workflow, powerful editing tools and a vast array of mastering plug-ins, sets new standards in recording, film scoring and sound design. This program alone costs, usually, $399.
  • SPECTRALAYERS PRO 5 is an unbeatable audio-editing and sound-design package that you can both hear and see! The program lets you work with the individual sounds in an audio file just like they are objects within a photograph. Surgically edit certain frequencies in a mix, and move or delete them to create entirely new sounds.  This is another program priced at $399.
  • XARA DESIGNER PRO X ($299 value)  is your one-stop-shop for graphic design, web design, illustrations, image editing and more. The software allows users to turn ideas into impressive graphics and illustrations. Use powerful drawing tools to draw lines, shapes and curves using vectors, and adjust scale without any loss in quality or sharpness. Perfect for when you need graphics in different sizes and resolutions.

Save $1,297 with the new VEGAS Production Pack

A solution for Windows users

One important note to remember is that the VEGAS Production Pack is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 64-bit systems. One of the programs, Spectralayers Pro 5, is compatible with Mac Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, but the remaining three are only for Windows.

The VEGAS Production Pack joins under a common designation some of the best titles from the worlds of video, sound and design, all together for an exclusive, special price just for you! Remember, the offer is valid only until December 11, 2018.

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