Roland Systems Group Now Shipping the R-1000 Multi-Channel Recorder/Player

Roland Systems Group is pleased to announce the shipping of R-1000 48-Track Recorder/Player through it’s network of authorized resellers. The R-1000 is an innovative stand alone, dedicated recorder/player designed to work with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production. Setup and control parameters of the R-1000 can be done directly from any V-Mixer or through the PC/Mac control utility (R-1000 RCS). Additionally, you can connect and use the R-1000 with any digital console that has MADI output capabilities by using the Roland S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge.


Use the R-1000 as a recorder for live events to capture up to 48 channels of discrete audio all as separate broadcast wave files ready to open in a DAW of choice. As a playback device it can be used in live events to play back selected channels to augment a live performance or as a multi-channel playback deck in a theater or amusement park application. Sync two units together for a 96-channel recorder/player or sync to video with SMPTE (LTC) or via black burst. All files are stored on the included 500GB removable hard disk drive (HDD. Material can also be transferred via USB to a connected drive.

Virtual rehearsals are now possible when the R-1000 is integrated with a Roland V-Mixer Digital Console. Not only does it become a powerful training tool, it greatly reduces sound check time for bands/productions. Using a song previously recorded on the R- 1000, simply switch to playback mode and all the sources play back through the appropriate channels on the console. Adjust the preamp gains on the console as you would if the band was live and the R-1000 takes care of the gain compensation. Then set compression, EQ, monitors, and effects. When the band takes the stage you can be confident it will sound the way it did during the virtual rehearsal.
Setup and configuration can be done using the color LCD touch panel on the front panel or with the PC/Mac Remote Control software via a USB connection.

The R-1000 is based on REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) and eliminates the bulk and noise susceptibility typically associated with analog snakes and replaces it with Cat5/6 (Ethernet/LAN) cable.
The R-1000 records superior audio by capturing the converted sound connected to the Roland Digital Snake Systems. Analog inputs and high-quality mic preamps are located close to the source where audio is immediately converted to 24-bit digital streams and sent over Ethernet. Using REAC, the pristine digital audio signal is transferred throughout the complete system path en route to the R-1000 hard drive and then back to any outputs and on to limitless split positions. Using the REAC system for recording provides the highest quality possible not found in any other live multi-channel recording solutions.
The R-1000 48-Track Recorder/Player is the ideal recording/playback solution for any event production, house of worship, education, government and corporate applications.

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About REAC

REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) is the audio transport protocol developed by Roland to meet the Pro-Audio market’s need for a point-to-point 24 bit/ 96kHz, low latency digital audio transport for live sound use and commercial applications. The REAC protocol is capable of transmitting 40 channels of 24bit / 96kHz audio over inexpensive Cat5e cable and can be easily split using standard gigabit switches making it easy and very cost effective to have lossless all-digital splits of the stage audio for FOH, monitor, broadcast and recording locations. Products using REAC technology are installed today in many venues and have been used for high profile events worldwide.

About Roland Systems Group

Roland Systems Group U.S. (RSG) supplies the commercial and performance audio/video industries with application specific equipment from the ROLAND audio and EDIROL video product lines. These product lines address applications for houses of worship, studios, clubs/casinos, theaters/performing arts centers, production houses and rental and staging companies. Roland Systems Group U.S is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. RSG is a member of the worldwide group of Roland companies. For more information, visit or call 800.380.2580.

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