Roger Deakins and His New Website

When you Hollywood talks about you like this… you might be a master among masters of your craft. 

When I went to my little film school the regional talent teaching were all we had with one exception: American Cinematographer magazine. Thanks to the internet now we have loads of training, information, and tutorials just a few keystrokes away. The old days were down right depressing. Seriously depressing. I remember one of my cinematographer professors actually telling our small class “I’m not really interested in teaching you guys much more for fear of losing work to you.” Though the exact words are hard to remember the intention was not. Thankfully, many do not share his sentiment. There are teachers all around us now. From the likes of Creative Live, The ASC, and Shane Hurlbut, to name a few, we have many resources within reach. Now Roger Deakins gives students and those trying to grow some of the resources to help reach their goals.  Screen Shot 2016 02 10 at 10.51.27 AM


A new website. A new resource for cameramen and women. Roger Deakins is a master cinematographer and, luckily for us, he understands what it takes for many of us to learn our craft. What can one expect from Roger Deakins’ new website? Well, if you were a member before he took all of his lighting plans down then expect to be back to what his website was originally with a few added benefits. If you were not a member back in the day… well then you’re in for treat.


Screen Shot 2016 02 10 at 10.54.08 AM This is where Roger Deakins shows pre-producution planning from one of his movies he shot. You can expect scouting pictures, schematics, and examples from the film. This has to be my favorite section on his website. What you are treated with is a glimpse into his process and his planning. You’ll need to be a member to gain access. 


This is exactly what it sounds like. So far, the website has only posted one challenge. Will this section grow and will members become more active on the forum because of the lighting challenges. I sure hope so.

What’s the same? The forum is similar to what it was in the past. You can ask a question and relatively quick someone may have an answer for you, or they can point you in the right direction. At times, Roger himself will try to answer as many questions as he can. 

Check out and I hope you enjoy the revamped site as much as I have.

Courtroom wide as shot




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