Sir Richard Branson Invests In 3D Robotics

Brings Aerial Expert Colin Guinn to Necker Island for a Demo

In a surprise posting on the Virgin website this weekend, Sir Richard Branson share about interest in this emerging technology and acknowledges his investment into the tech company founded by Chris Anderson.

I've known about this bit of industry news for awhile now when I was speaking with representatives at 3D Robotics while getting materials for my first overview article with them last month. I also knew that Colin Guinn, a special guest on my Drone Workshop on CreativeLive was going to go meet with him and do some flying (but didn't know at the time just how important that meeting was).

Go read the full (short) article penned by Sir Richard himself on the Virgin website and watch the beautiful video footage that Colin and his team captured during that visit.

Every morning before breakfast I go for a walk around Necker. I’m incredibly lucky to have had Necker in my life for nearly 40 years, and I feel I know it like the back of my hand. So it’s amazing to get views of this island that I’ve never seen before thanks to a few drones and the great team at 3D Robotics, a company I recently invested in.

Details about Mr Branson's investments/involvement with 3D Robotics are still cloaked in secrecy but do know that as those details emerge, you'll read about it here on PVC.

Stay tuned for upcoming product reviews of 3D Robotics drones that I'm currently testing and shooting with in the weeks to come, including the Y6 multirotor and the NEW IRIS+ quadcopter that's being announced today.


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