Review: Zoom H8 multitrack audio recorder 29
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Thanks for the helpful review. One question: could the Line output be used to connect powered speakers by using a splitter for right and left channels? In other words, can the H8 serve as an audio interface/mixer?

Steve Not Jobs

Great article, but some quick feedback: Even though you put in parenthesis “sound pads” I spent an absurd amount of time researching what a “virtual cart” is. I think you may be the only person on the internet to write this combination of words in this context. I’m still not sure what it is. :/

I’m now out of time on this. I’ll bookmark this later to hopefully better understand how to actually use the multitrack recording feature, as I can’t seem to get multiple audio tracks in my DAW. I’m starting to think it’s not possible and that I will have to buy yet another sound card.

Alex Mausolf

I am assuming that the term “virtual carts” is a virtually referring to old school live radio cartridges! They would house short adverts, songs, SFX, etc, nowadays there are devices with “pads” you hit to trigger them. I have a hunch that our author friend may have worked in radio stations along the way.

Last edited 3 years ago by Alex Mausolf
Alex Mausolf

Steve, I forgot! From what I have seen on the H8, you need to be connected to your computer based (Win/Mac) DAW via USB for the multi-track to work. I use my H8 as a field recorder primarily, so haven’t tried it yet, sorry.

Last edited 3 years ago by Alex Mausolf

“multitrack is only available vía macOS and Windows, not with Android, iOS or iPadOS. ” If I want to record multitrack and connect this device with my iPad or iPhone via USB connection, it won´t work?


Thanks for the great review! I have a quick question. When you said above that ” the headphone amplifier in the H8 is so powerful “, do you know by any chance how much it is or a rough idea?

On the spec sheet of the device labelled as “Phone out”, it says “Maximum output level: 20 mW + 20 mW into 32 Ω load” but I don’t know what it means. Any inputs on this would be much appreciated 🙂


Sounds great. Thanks so much Allan 🙂 The only reason I asked is because I am looking to by studio headphones having 80 ohms or less and so I just wanted to be sure I would be making the right purchase. I later contacted Zoom support directly and they explained the below

“This would essentially result in a 32 Ohm rating for the headphone output on the device. In this case, headphones with a 32-100 ohm rating would be recommended.
A higher ohm rated headphone may also work well with the device, but would not be able to be driven as well by the output and may encounter volume issues.

This has answered my concern, but maybe you can also find it useful in the future 🙂

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