Remote Control with EOS SLRs

Presented by Scott Andrews

The ability to place a digital SLR camera in locations where a photographer simply cannot be, and control it remotely, opens up a world of possibilities for amateur and pro shooters alike. Whether it is setting-up a camera to unobtrusively and safely photograph wildlife, an ultra-wide angle camera on the platform for a presidential inauguration image, or a network of remote cameras at a space shuttle launch, Canon USA’s Scott Andrews has truly “been there, done that”, and will share his expertise in tonight’s presentation at Canon’s Hollywood space.


This class covers:

  • Basic remote control shooting techniques, including mounting, protection, and triggering
  • Planning for instantaneous and time-lapse situations
  • Simple, inexpensive alternatives to commercial solutions, and more

Emphasis will be placed on the use of remotely fired cameras to document sports, wildlife, and historical events, including the final flight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the move of Endeavor from the Kennedy Space Center to the California Science Center.

Presented by: Scott Andrews
Program: Professional Development Seminars & Workshops
Date: October 15, 2012
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fee: Free of charge. Advanced registration required
Location: Canon Hollywood Professional Technology & Support Center – 6060 Sunset Blvd – Hollywood, California 90028
Organization: Canon Live Learning
Questions: CanonLiveLearning(at)

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