Reliant Digital, Inc. announces release of its “Sentry” PC Connect Duplicator

November 3rd, 2008. Wheat Ridge, CO. Reliant Digital, Inc., has announced the release of its “Sentry” PC Connect Duplicator, the world’s first tower duplicator built specifically to create copy protected DVD-Rs. Intended markets include Duplication Houses and Service Bureaus, Event Videographers, Producers, Corporate applications, and any other environment where small to medium runs of copy protected DVD Video projects need to be produced.

The basic system (4-burner tower, PC Card, USB Key with licenses for 100 burns, Software, and Cabling) retails for $995. A software only version that requires the user to burn to a single internal PC DVD Burner is available for $295. Discounts are offered for larger license purchases.

“Effective, affordable, easy-to-use copy protection is something that this industry has needed and requested since it’s inception” says David Adame, President of Reliant Digital. “We are thrilled to bring to market a solution that will help producers prevent unauthorized duplication of their work and maintain and increase their income stream”.

The basic Sentry system requires a Windows XP or Vista PC with a minimum of 1GB RAM. Users simply save the DVD-R Video to be copied as an .iso file, load the blank discs into the tower, select the burners to use, then press “go”. The copy protection adds only a small amount of data (30MB), and does not add any significant time to the burn process.

Reliant Digital has offered disc duplicating and printing solutions since 2002. For more information about the Sentry tower or any of Reliant Digital’s other offerings, please visit, or call 303.991.3837

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