RED ONE audio performance evaluated

Audio-equipment manufacturer Sound Devices has posted a detailed evaluation of the RED ONE camera’s audio performance. Working with camera 529, build 15, v2.2.5, the company measures and/or reports on the camera’s mic preamps, frequency response, distortion and noise (THD+N), dynamic range, meters, and more. There are some issues, and the report concludes:

For most dialog applications, the Red One’s near 16-bit audio performance is similar to many of the digital pro-sumer and pro cameras we have tested. This is perfectly acceptable for dialog, especially when hit with a good, clean line-level signal. Sound Devices recommends dual-system sound for critical applications.

Let’s note that Sound Devices makes (very good) audio mixers and recorders, so some may see the company’s conclusion as self serving. But their evaluation appears careful, accurate, and fair. And their conclusion matches what I’ve heard from mixers who’ve worked with a RED camera. The report also provides useful information on getting the best-possible sound into the camera, if you don’t want to record to an external recorder.

The report is worth a good look. You can read it here.

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