Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 13

And update to the popular plug-in packages adds more speed, news tools


Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Suite 13, a major upgrade to the NLE plug-in package for color correction, finishing and film looks. There are a number of new features including an all new product Renoiser. For the first time ever, all of the color correction tools deliver real time performance through Mercury Playback support in Adobe Premiere Pro. Every tool in the suite has been updated, and runs on the GPU. Denoiser has also been rebuilt with much better overall performance. Details on all of the products in Magic Bullet Suite 13 are below. A free trial is available.

Magic Bullet Suite 13 includes seven tools, six of which have received significant updates, and one of which is a brand new tool.


  • Full: $899
  • Upgrade: (from previous versions of Magic Bullet Suite) $299
  • Academic: $449


  • Host-App: All of the tools work in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro X. Some tools work in additional host apps.
  • OS: All tools work on both Windows and Mac.
  • Check the individual product pages for specific host-app and OS compatibility.


Red Giant Software has updated every single tool in the Magic Bullet suite, and added Magic Bullet Renoiser, a new tool that gives footage a cinematic texture and grain.

Magic Bullet Looks 4.0

This update includes real time performance (through Adobe Mercury Playback support), new presets, tools and some essential workflow and UI enhancements.

  • GPU: OpenGL/OpenCL (Mercury Playback)
  • Looks Presets
  • Tool Presets
  • Source Tool
  • Renoiser Tool
  • Mojo II Tool
  • Reference Library
  • Universal strength slider
  • Looks Favorites
  • Resizing Scopes
  • Save Looks Workflow

Magic Bullet Colorista IV

This major update for professional color correction for filmmakers includes Guided Color Correction, a simple Hollywood-tested, step-by-step process for quickly balancing your shot, as well as the new Colorista Panel, which turns Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects into a professional color grading environment. Also included is RGB Point Curves, Log support and  ability to load LUTs into Colorista IV.

  • Colorista Panel for AE and PPro
  • Guided Color Correction
  • LUTs
  • Color Temperature & Tint
  • RGB Point Curves
  • Streamlined Keyer Interface
  • Log Support

Magic Bullet Denoiser III

Denoiser III has been rewritten entirely from scratch to give the best, fastest and easiest to use video denoiser on the market. Powered by technology from wrnch, a tech startup backed by Mark Cuban, Denoiser III’s speed and reliability will blow you away.

  • Incredible quality results
  • GPU acceleration
  • Near Real-time performance
  • New UI/Easier to use
  • Rewritten entirely from scratch

Magic Bullet Mojo II

Magic Bullet Mojo has always been a quick and easy tool for a Hollywood Blockbuster look in seconds. But Hollywood film looks have changed so has Mojo. Mojo II has been updated to give footage a sophisticated, cinematic style with a unified complementary color palette. Mojo has added additional tools like vignette, exposure, temperature and tint to give the most Mojo possible.

  • Updated cinematic style
  • GPU: OpenGL/OpenCL (Mercury Playback)
  • My Footage is… (LOG support)
  • Presets
  • Vignette
  • Exposure
  • Color Temperature
  • Tint

Magic Bullet Cosmo II

Our tool for fast, simple cosmetic cleanup just got even better. This upgrade to Cosmo II gives refined results that look more natural than ever.  With the help of a new skin sampling tool you can easily balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles and remove skin blemishes, to make your talent look their best.
  • Better Results
  • Skin Sample Tool
  • Refined Visual Feedback

Magic Bullet Renoiser

Renoiser is an entirely new product that gives footage a cinematic texture and grain. Whether you’ve denoised your video, created CGI and motion graphics compositions, or even shot on a camera that produces virtually noiseless footage, Renoiser’s all-new, realtime, GPU-accelerated grain engine rebuilds your footage with a cinematic texture more genuine than anything seen before. Renoiser is fully-customizable, and includes 16 noise/grain presets based on real film stocks such as 16MM, 8MM and much more. Renoiser supports OpenGL/OpenCL (Adobe Mercury Playback), so it all happens in real time.

Here are some great ways to use Renoiser:

Magic Bullet Film 1.2

This update to our tool for giving footage the look and color of real motion picture film brings OpenGL/OpenCL support. Magic Bullet Film 1.2 emulates the entire photochemical process – from the original film negative, to color grading, and finally to the print stock – but thanks to Mercury playback, you don’t have to wait to develop your footage, because it all plays back and renders in real time. Magic Bullet Film 1.2 is a FREE update to Magic Bullet Film 1.0.

  • GPU: OpenGL/OpenCL (Mercury Playback)

NOTE: Magic Bullet LUT Buddy has been discontinued. Read more in our FAQ. It’s worth noting that both Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista can both load LUTs.

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