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Sam Zimman

Great stuff. While I agree with the statements about the project window, my biggest issue (which is somewhat related) is with pre-comps. Specifically, I have to do a lot of iterations and sometimes that means duplicating and substituting dozens of pre-comps to make sure I’m working non-destructively. I am left with a web of pre-comps that I find to be a lot of clutter. I also feel that pre-rendering or caching could be made a lot simpler from a UX perspective, because there are parts of projects that do not change from version 1 thru 15.

But to take a big picture, the discussion does bring to mind the launch of Lightroom. At the time Adobe had Photoshop and Bridge, but neither of those applications was great at handling raw photographs or helping someone organize a photo library and select shots. I would like to posit the question, “Is it time for Adobe to create a new application(s) that sits aside After Effects?” I have always wondered how long would it take Adobe to steal AE code and write a node-based compositor that used the dynamic link engine to feedback into AE or Pr. Similar to Resolve’s Fusion page or Flame’s Action Node, but a separate application. Or how long would it take Adobe to steal code and mash together the best parts of AE and Character Animator to make a better Motion Design tool? If After Effects is a platform, then maybe the way forward is to create tools in the suite that are better suited to specific tasks and the results of those tools can be combined in AE. Maybe the issue is that after 30 years we are asking AE to do too much.

John Cranmer

Many thanks, great oversight into AE. I did wonder though, there was one piece of software not mentioned alongside Nuke, Fusion and Cavalry and that was FXhome’s HitFilmPro. I have often looked at it as a potential alternative to AE and if AE were to be built from the ground up I’d imagine it’s integration of of 2D into a 3D space while remaining a layer based app might be it. I notice a quote from Wren is on the HitFilm Pro webpage; “I always tell people who want to pursue VFX professionally to look into using HitFilm since it can do it all.” As it stands it is more VFX than motion graphics, and although I have dipped into it for creating some FX I always return to AE for the superior text and shape layers.

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