Thoughts on AE: What's after After Effects? 5
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Greg Deocampo

I became curious about how many people were using After Effects every day in 2022 for their jobs and did some googling and came across your post. I found it fascinating and insightful.

I was there at the beginning. Literally the beginning. I started CoSA and hired the engineers that developed AE 1.0. I’m astonished by the longevity of the UI, whose design was heavily influenced by the performance of the Mac IIfx,a machine with 68000 transistors. By comparison an M1 Mac has 16 billion. And yet, the UI persists. The paradigm persists.

My own opinions about the future of animation are influenced by live music making, turntablism, and 3D gaming.

Great writing. You can reach me via Linkedin.

Scott Simmons

I bet there are a lot more people using AE daily than we realize. Often it might just be a short trip in for a simple fix graphic as opposed to long, laborious motion graphics or compositing projects. But there are those too.

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