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PS Technik Rehousing Kowa Lenses and Lens Checker: NAB 2017

Checking lenses on the road and breathing life to old anamorphic lenses

Who does not love the look and feel from vintage KOWA Anamorphic lenses? These lenses have been produced until the 1970s. These lenses are rare, but they are also very popular because of their small size and compact form factor. KOWA lenses are often considered ideal for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work. These vintage anamorphic lenses deliver a low contrast warm color and can be made to flare easily. Yet, the flare is not the standard blue anamorphic flare often seen, but warmer. Thanks to PS Technik these vintage lenses can breathe new life.

PS Technik

With vintage lenses, of course, come the problem of older mechanics which tend to wear out over time. Now PS TECHNIK has made the first step to improving the mechanics of these valuable lenses.

The rehousing now offered by P+S Technik replaces the original mechanism completely and equips the lens with more durable parts at basically same form factor. Therefore, the stability of the whole lens mechanism is ensured and the lenses should be less prone to need to be serviced. And as an additional benefit, PS TECHNIK now has the spare parts for the entire mechanism in stock.

New – Spare KOWA Glass

P+S TECHNIK now offers spare parts for KOWA Anamorphic lenses. This unique ability to replace broken or damaged lens elements with close-to-original P+S TECHNIK glass protects your lens investment in these popular KOWA lenses.

PS Technik


PS Technik Mobile LensChecker

Designed to fit in a travel case for easy transportation the PS Technik LensChecker is offering the maximum options for lens evaluation of cinema, stills, and vintage lenses, up to full frame format (Image Circle).

Use this professional tool to check lenses without access to a fully equipped optics service department. For presentation or in-depth evaluation of lenses during check-in or check-out at the rental house as well as in the field, in a hotel room, or truck.

PS Technik

PS Technik

PS Technik


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