Professional monitor at a consumer price

The new Quantum Dot Colour monitor from Philips delivers 27 inches of professional colour quality with 100 % NTSC and 99 % Adobe RGB support, all at a consumer-friendly price.

Philips Quantum Dot Colour monitor

The new Philips 27-inch E-Line display, priced at $299 and able to use 25% less energy than other wide colour gamut displays, may be your next monitor… if Full HD is enough resolution for you.

The new monitor from Philips, reference 276E6ADSS, is probably not going to be the first choice for those in need of higher resolutions and working space area, but due to its specifications and price it may well become a second unit to have around, while also appealing to those  who will be comfortable with the Full HD resolution, like the price and want to own a monitor that works as promised when it comes to colour.

Although 27 inches and Full HD may seem a less than ideal marriage at a time when 4K and beyond are announced for monitors, the fact is that this is a Quantum Dot Colour monitor, a technology offering, according to Philips, more vivid colours, consistent and truer-to-life than ever, and able to deliver colour quality that professionals, from video to photography, want. The fact that it does so at a consumer price point is a sign of what we may expect to see in the near future.

The first  Quantum Dot Colour monitor from Philips was presented at IFA 2015, in Berlin. At the time Philips said that “even at the highest price points, most of today’s monitors are only capable of displaying less than 95% of the Adobe RGB standard, with mainstream models typically only capable of presenting roughly 70% of the Adobe spectrum. Using QD Vision’s Color IQ solution, we can now produce monitors that deliver the full Adobe RGB standard (>99%), but at much lower overall costs.”

Philips Quantum Dot Colour monitor

According to MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, Quantum Dot Colour is an innovative nanomaterial technology that produces incredibly accurate, saturated colour – in fact, over 30 % more colour than traditional sRGB LEDs. Additionally, it costs a fraction of most colour-critical technologies and uses 25 % less energy, so saves on energy bills as well.

Artem Khomenko, Product Manager Philips monitors Europe at MMD, explains what makes this technology so different: “With a typical LCD display, there is leakage between RGB channels that compromises how well the display can cover the colour gamut. This new LCD display with Quantum Dot Colour technology achieves much sharper channel distinctions, delivering consistent, vibrant colours across the entire gamut.”

The new 27-inch display is emblematic of the commitment of MMD to deliver better resolution and image quality to all users – because it isn’t just professionals who benefit from fidelity in colour reproduction. The expansive colour palette is also ideal for movie lovers, amateur photographers and designers who want the confidence of consistent and true colour reproduction.

To leverage the superb colour quality, the latest member of the E-Line series features IPS-ADS technology for added image clarity, Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels, as well as an extra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. Also on board are Philips Smart technologies to complement the colour performance with enhanced contrast and brightness: SmartImage Lite dynamically enhances contrast, colour saturation and sharpness to suit what is displayed on the screen. SmartControl Lite is a fast, easy way for users to fine-tune display parameters. SmartContrast automatically adjusts colour, contrast and backlight intensity to make the viewing experience even richer and more immersive. And for extra performance, 5 ms SmartResponse puts response times into overdrive for fast-moving applications like gaming.

Another valuable feature for users is MHL connectivity: users can simply connect mobile devices to the display using an optional MHL cable, and enjoy their mobile content on a much larger screen with Full HD resolution, with the extra benefit of the colour fidelity of Quantum Dot Colour technology.

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