Production During a Pandemic: Working as a COVID 19 Compliance Officer for a Film Production 5
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Jon Segmond


Your article clearly points out one of the factors which dooms all is us during this pandemic is the breaking the sacred trust between one another. If the Corona Virus does not kill you the “human virus” might. The actor who lied on the COVID-19 questionnaire is guilty of fraud and should be banned from all current and future production.


Hi Jon!

Unfortunately in the absence of an effective vaccine (or even at this point an effective treatment option), honesty is the only policy. It is unfortunate that it seems that–for some–the lesson on Covid-19 won’t be learned until the ‘call is coming from inside the house’, if you know what I mean.

Stay safe!


Kenneth Yas

Excellent article, and a good example of why production levels will not return to full capacity for years. These issues grow exponentially on larger shoots, assuming those can even get the insurance coverage to actually move forward.


Hi Kenneth!

Thank you! I do believe it will take some time (even following an effective vaccine) for production to return to full capacity. Hopefully not years! I also completely agree that the larger the production, the greater the potential for issues due largely to human error.


Kevin Gorman


Thank you for your insights. I’m also curious what qualified you to be a Compliance Officer. Do you have a medical background? Did you certify through a particular program? I think many of your points are valid about the problems surrounding a safe set, but I also want to understand from what arena are they fielding the people who patrol these sets. The “friends of the directors” category is always problematic on a movie set. Were you paid a union or non-union wage? Help us understand who is supervising this process. Thx.


Hi Kevin!

As I briefly mentioned, I spent over a decade in healthcare as a radiologic technologist and then a radiology PA. As far as the C19CO cert, I did that through an online company called As far as the qualifications set forth by SAG or any other body, it seems that healthcare experience is HIGHLY recommended, but not required (unless the prerequisites have changed). Also fairly certain that there’s not a single unifying body to which C19COs report, simply because on each production the compliance officer reports any issues to production managers (noncompliance with protocols, potential infections, the need to stop production). That said, the guidelines do suggest reporting to the local health department if more than 3 individuals test positive either during production or 14 days following wrap. Wage is also set by the C19CO themselves and is usually hourly with a kit fee for PPE, if the C19CO should supply. I hope this helps!


Mary Shawn M. Newins

Thank you for this well written and informative post. I too have completed the C19CO certification and I am eager to start my first assignment. Would you please list the items you have in your kit and what items you requisition through the production company? Thank you very much.


My pleasure, Mary, and congrats on your C19CO cert! Honestly I don’t have a kit because I haven’t had need to create one since the productions I’ve worked have supplied items. BUT if I had a kit I’d include:

1) hand sanitizer with aloe vera and 70% ethyl alcohol

2) spray bottle with 70% ethyl alcohol

3) cleaning wipes (these could be clorox wipes, any healthcare-approved wipes, or straight 70% ethyl alcohol wipes)

4) extra surgical masks (2x the number of cast and crew per day)

5) sanitizing spray with cleaning cloth

6) gloves (for use when cleaning, NOT as constant-wear PPE)

7) contactless thermometer

8) iPad for intake form

9) laminated signage

I hope this helps!

Mary Shawn M. Newins

What is the prevailing pay rate and kit rental fee for C19CO?

Brad Douglas Jenkins

Hi Mary!

Pay rate and kit fee are variable, obviously, since everyone is still trying to find where this falls on the payscale. I’d say that a recommended base rate should not be less than $50 per hour and that the rate could be adjustable depending on workload, size of production, etc. I hope that helps!



Thank you for this information. I’ve been working on productions and have heard feed backs about camera crews unable to wear face shields when in close contact with talent when filming. The face shields have glare and the crew couldn’t see through the lens properly. Any suggestions how productions can go about this?


Hard to say without seeing the setup or mask, but I do know that some full face shields have a laminate protective film on them that must be removed prior to use. Otherwise, they’re clear plastic and shouldn’t obstruct view normally. If the glare is a problem, you can always use goggles or other eye covering paired with a mask.

I hope this helps!


I’d also like to add that face shields/goggles would only be really necessary when doing that up close talking to talent when talent is not wearing their mask. Otherwise if they’re looking through the camera viewfinder with no maskless persons nearby or talking to them, then they should feel comfortable to remove the face shield/goggles to look through the viewfinder. Regardless, production crew should mind the 6 foot physical distancing guidelines when talking to talent who isn’t masked.


HI! Thank you very much for all the details, where can i find intake forms for my ipad?

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