PowerEye: a cinematography drone

Announced as a professional cinematography drone, the PowerEye features a dual view for simultaneous first person and subject matter video streams and optional 4K UHD Thermal/Natural Light Camera.

PowerEye: a professional cinematography drone

PowerVision Technology Group announced that the PowerEye drone is now available for pre-order with shipping scheduled in December 2016. The drone is presented as a solution for today’s professional and aspiring cinematographers.

PowerEye is available in two camera models. The “PowerEye Professional” is equipped with a high-performance Panasonic Lumix G 11mm F2.5 ASPH 4K UHD camera.  The “PowerEye Thermal” is equipped with a state-of-the-art Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera that comes with two integrated light sensors and two lenses.  Through the PowerEye App, users can switch between the thermal and the natural light setting with one touch. Using the Thermal/Natural Light Switchable Camera, cinematographers can capture a spectrum of light not visible to the unaided eye.

PowerEye features PowerVision’s integrated Dual Viewing capability for, says the company,  the ultimate in cinematographic control.  Dual Viewing gives multiple users the ability to see video simultaneously from a First Person View (FPV) and a Subject Matter View (SMV).  With Dual Viewing a cinematographer has the ability to see what is in front of the PowerEye while in flight through a dedicated FPV camera housed in the nose of the aircraft and a separate gimbal-mounted camera can be simultaneously directed to action on the ground or other areas in the sky.

“PowerEye takes professional focus, special effects, and control to the next level. It exceeds passed only what the eye sees and can capture something magical. We are excited to extend our years of expertise in UAV technology to today’s professional and aspiring cinematographers with PowerEye. By combining powerful new features and state-of-the-art aeronautics in a robust and collapsible form, we believe PowerEye sets the stage with new standards leading the market forward.”

PowerEye: a professional cinematography drone

Leveraging PowerVision’s UAV technology portfolio, PowerEye incorporates significant innovation that provides the professional video community with valuable benefits including:

  • PowerVision Object Detection Technology: Uses an array of integrated sensors to detect flight path obstacles and sound an alert within 10 meters
  • Stable 4-Point Landing/Lift-off Design: Eliminates the need for dangerous hand-held take-offs and catch-landings common with 2-point and/or T-bar designed drones
  • Highly Portable 600mm Class Aircraft: Integrates collapsible legs and rotors for quick and easy transport, folding to a mere 340 x 285 x 296 mm
  • Micro Four Thirds (MFT) System Compatibility: Enables users to connect a variety of lenses based on their personal preferences
  • Maximum Flight Time: Up to 29.5 minutes
  • Control Range and Real-Time High Definition Video Stream: Up to 3.1 miles (5 kilometers)
  • Lightweight:
    Weight 8.7 lb (3,950 g) with battery and propellers included
    Maximum PowerEye payload – 6.6 lbs

The PowerEye Professional is priced at $3,988.00 and includes the PowerEye aircraft with a full set of propellers, Panasonic Lumix G 11mm F2.5 ASPH camera, rolling carrying case, one remote control, one extra pair of propellers, base station, battery, and battery charger. Users who preorder will receive one additional remote control with 100 percent advance payment, $199 retail value.  The PowerEye Professional can be pre-ordered through PowerVision’s webpage. There is no price available, yet, for the PowerEye Thermal 2-in-1 thermal light/natural light integrated camera option. People interested should probably contact PowerVision.

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