Pond5 and TurboSquid introduce 3D models for filmmakers worldwide

Pond5 customers will soon have access to more than 100,000 3D models, the company’s answer to the growing use of 3D models in filmmaking.

Pond5 introduces 3D models for filmmakers worldwide

The massive collection of royalty-free 3D models now available at Pond5 addresses a major demand from Pond5 customers from areas as diverse as filmmaking, TV production or gaming.

Pond5 is expanding its content marketplace in a new direction, with the inclusion of more than 100,000 3D models – over 60,000 3D models are already available, with more being added every day. The move results from a partnership with TurboSquid, the world’s largest 3D marketplace, and represents the company’s answer to a growing demand from Pond5 customers, while, at the same time it enhances the Pond5 media offering, providing more of every type of media asset necessary for visual storytelling, from video footage and motion graphics to music, sound effects, and more.

Pond5 introduces 3D models for filmmakers worldwide

Whether you’re a 3D artist or not, you’ve probably seen TurboSquid models hundreds of times without realizing it. TurboSquid models are used by game developers, news agencies, architects, visual effects studios, advertisers, and creative professionals around the world. TurboSquid’s primary mission is to save artists the time of making a great model, and instead let them add their own personality to their creations. Customers save an average of 27 hours per model purchased, which can be a lifesaver in a time crunch.

“Pond5 is committed to meeting the needs of all filmmakers by continuously evolving with the industry. The use of 3D models in filmmaking is growing, and with our TurboSquid partnership, filmmakers can now create an entire story using only assets from Pond5,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “We’re thrilled to be expanding our collection with the highest quality 3D models from TurboSquid, offering customers even more variety and endless possibilities for their projects. We pride ourselves on being the most artist-friendly media marketplace and look forward to welcoming many more world-class artists to our ever-expanding pool of talent.”

As a result of this partnership, Pond5 will soon offer more than 100,000 royalty-free 3D models for use in filmmaking, advertising, TV production, digital media, gaming, marketing, product design, and beyond. The expanded library of 3D models includes a wide range of categories, such as the human body, motor vehicles (cars, aircraft, boats), architecture, cities, furniture, science and sci-fi, and sports. Assets will be available in the following formats: C4D, OBJ and FBX.

Pond5 and TurboSquid introduce 3D models for filmmakers worldwide

In a world where ever-tightening budgets are the reality for projects from production companies, creative agencies, or content creators completing projects, this partnership offers endless creative options at a time when available data suggests the global 3D animation market is growing, and is expected to reach USD 28.31 billion by 2025, as indicated in a report, published early 2018, by Reportbuyer. The same report indicates that the media and entertainment end-use segment projected will account for around 35% of the total revenue share.

An anecdote from a recent Variety article illustrates the drastic increase of visual effects in film, as Kelly Port, a visual effects supervisor at VFX house Digital Domain, reflects on the difference in the number of VFX shots from Titanic (1997) to this year’s Avengers: Infinity War — 300 vs. 3,000, respectively.

Pond5 and TurboSquid introduce 3D models for filmmakers worldwide

“The use of visual effects in film has increased exponentially, but there’s a significant imbalance between the growing demand for talent and shrinking film budgets,” said Teichman. “By providing filmmakers with an option for sourcing high-quality visual effects, motion graphics, and 3D models, as well as other vital media assets, we’re helping to narrow this gap, while also providing talented artists with another source of revenue for their work.”

To make things easier for those interested in using 3D models in their projects, Pond5 even has a recent tutorial on the company’s website, explaining how to use 3D assets to build a scene in Cinema 4D. The tutorial comes at the right time, as MAXON just announced a new version of the iconic 3D design and animation software, Cinema 4D Release 20.

To start exploring the TurboSquid collection on Pond5 today, follow the link to the 3D models pages on Pond5’s website.

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