Phottix Padat: new compact light stand

Phottix continues to launch light stand solutions that are lightweight, easy to take everywhere and excellent for getting your lights placed around your subject. Meet the Padat.

Phottix Padat: new compact light stand

Padat means, in Malay, sturdy and reliable, and that’s what Phottix promises its new light stands are. Extending to two meters, the new light stand folds flat, making it easier to pack.

Phottix’s light stand have been, as the company says, a “perennial favorite”, as photographers love the lightweight and small footprint of past solutions from Phottix, from the original P200 to the Saldo200 compact light stand – whose name means “sales” – both offered at accessible prices.

The Phottix P200 MK II Compact Light Stand (H/200cm/79″) can extend to 200cm. but is designed to be incredibly portable and compact with retractable folding legs. Weighing just over 1kg it is the ideal light stand for light weight mobile lighting kits, and can support up to 1.5 kg lights. Its compact design and light weight make it ideal for taking on locations. The Saldo series of light stands, offering different solutions, also presented a compact version extending to 200cm with 55cm when collapsed, able to support up to 1.5 kg lights.

Phottix Padat: new compact light stand The new Phottix Padat Compact Light Stand moves in a compeltely new direction as the first in the new patents-pending Padat series of light stands. In fact, the Phottix Padat folds flat, making it easier to pack and take on location. If you’ve ever tried to carry a series of light stand around you know what that means. If, like me, you’ve had a Cullmann Magic tripod/monopod that would fold flat – and fitted in a special compartment in a Cullmann photo bag I also owned – then you know how you miss products that are easier to pack.

So, now you’ve the Padat200, which is unlike previous Phottix light stands and, in being so, is 1/3 smaller, meaning it is easier to fit in bags and cases. Perfect for hot-shoe flashes or LED panels, extending to two meters, it is ideal for location work and comes with a carrying bag. Price? $65.00.

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