Philips: a new 4K UHD 23.8 inch monitor

Compact size and outstanding detail are the promise of the new Philips 241P6VPJKEB monitor, offering 99% SRGB colour standard, plus integrated webcam and microphone.

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If you need a small monitor but also need it to offer quality for photo retouching and graphic design, the 23.8 inches of the new display from Philips may interest you. This 3,840 x 2,160 pixels monitor will cost you around $550.

Small monitors may not be the choice most people make when it comes to staring at photos, videos or graphics during most of the day but, sometimes, a small monitor able to offer the same resolution as bigger ones is needed. That’s probably what Philips thought when they created the 241P6VPJKEB, which extends the portfolio of 4K UHD from the company. This 23.8 inch monitor is engineered to unleash the power of the 4K UHD viewing experience and offer the same performance as its larger siblings.

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This 10-bit display delivers rich colour depth with 1.074 billion colours for smooth, natural reproduction without gradations and banding effects. And with over 99% sRGB support, says Philips, “users can be confident that any and all of the one billion colours they see on the display are vivid and true to life, and that colours remain precisely the same across different applications. The technology of the panels themselves also measures up: the expansive, wide-angle view and super-high contrast abilities of advanced AH-IPS perfectly complement the sense of space of 4K UHD. AH-IPS is also ideal for applications demanding colour accuracy and high brightness at all times, like photo retouching and graphic design.”

Despite its modest dimensions, indicates Philips in the documentation available, “the new monitor brings a real sense of space to users’ desktops owing to the sharpness and clarity of the 4K resolution. UHD delivers four times the resolution of Full HD, with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels – for detail like never before. This is extra screen space that people can enjoy however they like (such as with videos or gaming after hours), or use to be more productive at work. Finance wizards, for instance, can view more rows and columns of their spreadsheets without losing the sense of clarity or fatiguing their eyes; creatives working on high-res content can see more detail per inch of screen, and can zoom in for detail or scroll out for an overview perspective, even have four designs side-by-side for comparison and still maintain the vital detail; and geophysicists viewing scientific images can investigate finest details with greater precision than ever.”

Albert Ulfman, Product Manager Philips monitors EMEA at MMD says, “The new Philips 241P6VPJKEB is one of the first 23.8-inch 4K monitors to arrive on the market. It offers amazing viewing clarity for every content, and is an excellent fit for the resolution-scaling capabilities of Windows 10. It’s part of the commitment of MMD to giving users a more enjoyable and productive viewing experience with the equipment on their desks.” 

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Apart from the power of 4K UHD, the new display is designed with features that matter to users in today’s ultra-connected and always-on world. The display supports MultiView, so people can connect and view images from two separate sources – a PC and TV feed, for example – at the same time. With MHL technology on board, users can enjoy mobile content from smartphones or other devices on the big screen, or use the USB 3.0 hub to hook up devices and recharge them fast. There’s also an integrated webcam and microphone to connect and collaborate more effectively.

The new Philips 241P6VPJKEB display will be available for a little more than $500 (converted from the £369 quoted on the press-release from Philips).

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