Panasonic: the promised Lumix Pro Services program is now open

Panasonic announced its Lumix Pro Services, designed to offer prioritized support for professional photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers, is officially open.

Panasonic officially opens the new Lumix Pro Services

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be the first time the Lumix Pro service and repair hub opens its doors for professionals covering an event, with support for the G and L Lumix products.

The new Lumix Pro Services(LPS) program that begun early this month is Panasonic’s answer to the suggestions from users of the Lumix series of cameras. For a decade, says the company, “we have listened to professional creators to develop and build the most innovative imaging technology on the market. Our pros provide valuable feedback on every aspect of our business, and that includes service. We’ve taken your feedback and put together a program that reflects your highest priorities for speed, service, and support.”

The LPS or Lumix Pro Services program is designed for professional photographers, filmmakers and cinematographers, offering prioritized support, expedited delivery and repairs, special discounts, exclusive phone support and more. Panasonic’s goal is “to provide everything you count on to operate and grow a successful business with Lumix.” The service is open to owners of both the Micro Four thirds models from Panasonic and the new full frame cameras.

Panasonic officially opens the new Lumix Pro Services

Qualifying cameras and lenses

The program offering personalized Lumix camera, lens and accessories support for imaging professionals  is already implemented, and the ownership prerequisites for membership includes having two current Lumix professional camera bodies, a list that includes the models G85, G9, GH4, GH5, GH5s, and more than four Lumix lenses. The full list of qualifying lenses can be consulted on the website.

The first “stress test” of the system after the recent launch of the Lumix Pro platform will happen during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, where the new Lumix Pro service and repair hub will be available for the first time to support professional photographers in attendance.

“The launch of our S Series full-frame mirrorless cameras, Lumix S1 and S1R, allow us to deliver to a new audience of professional photographers. As a result, we are pleased to develop our service offering to match the requirements of this customer base at one of the single largest gatherings of professional photographers in the calendar.” said Yosuke Yamane, Director of Imaging Network Business Division, Panasonic Corporation.

Panasonic officially opens the new Lumix Pro Services
photo by William Innes, Lumix Global Ambassador

First test in Tokyo in 2020

The new Lumix Pro service and repair hub will be accessible for all accredited photographers for the duration of Tokyo 2020 from within the main press centre. Prepared for all situations, Panasonic will have loan kit available if equipment cannot be fixed on-site to ensure photographers can continue to work and document the important events taking place.

Lumix Pro has been created with the user in mind and is designed to provide a consistent global framework for support of photographers when they need it the most, such as shooting athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Panasonic will continue to work with Lumix photographers in the lead up to Tokyo 2020 to ensure that the Lumix Pro service matches and exceeds the expectations and requirements of professional photographers and provides an unforgettable Lumix experience.

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