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New firmware continues to improve Sony’s handheld cameras


Firmware 2.0 endows the FS7 with full 4K (4096 x 2160) internal recording.

The age of fixed feature lists in professional cameras has yielded to the era of free firmware upgrade paths. And owners of Sony® cameras are reaping the benefits. First Sony delivered on a comprehensive roadmap of upgrades for our CineAlta® cameras. Now we’re expanding the capabilities of the handheld PXW-FS7, PXW-X200, PXW-X180 and PXW-X70. In addition, we’re releasing the promised 4K upgrade license for the ultra-compact PXW-X70 – complete with a special customer loyalty incentive for early adopters.

PXW-FS7 Version 2.0

Thanks to its pivoting smart grip and comfortable, shoulder-mount shooting, Sony’s PXW-FS7 takes handheld to another level. Now we’re taking the next step with substantial feature enhancements.

  • Full 4K (4096 x 2160) internal recording. At launch, the camera captured QFHD (3840 x 2160). With version 2.0, we’re adding full 4K XAVC-I recording, with 4:2:2 color and nuanced 10-bit grayscale. Frame rates, all progressive, include 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50 and 59.94p at bitrates from 240 Mbps (at 23.98p) to 600 Mbps (at 59.94p).
  • Apple ProRes 422 HQ recording. Dock the PXW-FS7 to the XDCA-FS7 expansion unit and a battery and you’ll have the choice of recording Full HD 1920 x 1080 in Apple ProRes 422 HQ and Apple ProRes 422. Frame rates include 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50i and 59.94i.
  • Four-channel audio recording. For interviews and other field production applications, Version 2.0 enables two additional audio inputs via the built-in Multi-Interface Shoe (MI Shoe), for a total of four independent channels of digital audio.

Download PXW-FS7 Version 2.0.

Download PXW-FS7 Version 2.0 installation manual (English).

Download XDCA-FS7 Version 2.0.

Download XDCA-FS7 Version 2.0 installation manual (English).

Download PXW-FS7 Version 2.0 user manual (English).

PXW-X200 Version 2.0

pxw x200

A powerful camcorder with three 1/2″-type Exmor® CMOS image sensors, the PXW-X200 becomes even more powerful with Version 2.0 firmware.
  • Advanced live streaming with Sony’s Quality of Service (QoS). A more powerful alternative to conventional MPEG TS streaming, Sony’s QoS delivers superb quality over a single cellular channel. QoS streaming requires a 4G/LTE cellular modem and Sony’s PWS-100RX1 receiver, both sold separately.
  • MPEG TS live streaming. The PXW-X200 also performs wireless streaming to compatible, third-party MPEG-TS receivers via Wi-Fi networks. Or you can stream via Ethernet with the CBK-NA1 adaptor, sold separately.
  • MI Shoe. The Multi-Interface Shoe now works with compatible Sony wireless microphones, like the UWP-D11 and D12, as well as compatible Sony video lights like the HVL-LBPC, all sold separately.
  • Simultaneous Recording. To capture both a master and a backup, you can record to both SxS® media slots simultaneously.
  • GPS function. The camera can track location and save GPS coordinates as metadata in XAVC-I and XAVC-L recordings.

Download PXW-X200 Version 2.0 and release notes

PXW-X180 Version 2.0

pxw x180

The PXW-X180 is a compact, self-contained production system with three 1/3”-type Exmor® CMOS image sensors, now enhanced with Version 2.0 firmware.
  • Picture Cache Recording. Perfect for news and nature, this captures up to 15 seconds of action from before you press the Record button. The cache time will vary according to the recording format.
  • White Balance memories for each ND filter position. You can save an individual white balance for each Neutral Density filter preset position.
  • Wireless and wired live streaming. The PXW-X180 streams live to compatible, third-party MPEG TS receivers. You can stream via Wi-Fi networks, via Ethernet (with the CBK-NA1 adaptor, sold separately) or via 4G/LTE cellular networks (with a compatible carrier modem).

Sony is also planning to release PXW-X180 Version 3.0 later in 2015. We plan to include our advanced QoS streaming and Auto ND. The first delivers superb quality over a single cellular channel, when used with a compatible 4G/LTE cellular modem and Sony’s PWS-100RX1 receiver, both sold separately. Auto ND can automatically vary the neutral density filter setting according to scene brightness levels.

Download PXW-X180 Version 2.0 and release notes

PXW-X70 Version 2.0

pxw x70

While the PXW-X70 fits in the palm of your hand, it delivers huge features, including the option of 4K recording with the CBKZ-X70FX software license.
  • Wireless and wired live streaming. The PXW-X70 streams live to compatible, third-party MPEG TS receivers for viewing at a remote location. You can stream via Wi-Fi networks, via Ethernet (with the VMC-UAM2 cable and CBK-NA1 adaptor kit, both sold separately) or via 4G/LTE cellular networks (with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot).
  • Bit-for-bit file transfers via FTP. Now you can transfer full-quality files wirelessly to a remote FTP server. Compatible recording formats include XAVC™ (4K/HD) codec, AVCHD® codec and XAVC Proxy codec.
  • XAVC Proxy Recording. The PXW-X70 can now record lightweight proxy video with the same timecode as the main recording. For news, this greatly speeds up file transfers and enables your editors to start working before the full-resolution assets arrive.

4K upgrade license for the PXW-X70: CBKZ-X70FX

The PXW-X70 captures stunning quality at phenomenal resolution when unlocked with the CBKZ-X70FX upgrade license. Not only are you prepared for 4K distribution channels, you can also punch in and re-frame shots for HD distribution, executing digital pans and eliminating the effect of camera shake. The software license supports Quad Full HD (QFHD) XAVC-L recording at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Frame rates include 30p, 25p and 24p. PXW-X70 Version 2.0 firmware is required.

4K Upgrade instructions

Sony’s PXW-X70 loyalty program

Finally, we’d like to show our appreciation to early adopters of the PXW-X70. If you took delivery of your PXW-X70 on or before March 31, 2015 and you buy a CBKZ-X70FX 4K upgrade license by August 31, 2015, you’re eligible to receive a $300 mail-in rebate from Sony.


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