Oculus bricked the Oculus Rift S: here is how to fix it!
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I appreciate you following this problem, I don understand how is not a major subject for Oculus. Unfortunatelly, latelly this has become worse. Before, I could fix it by re plugging everything, now is completely bricked. Oculus Waranty will not cover me since I´m not within the list of countries they support.

Brian Rego

Oculus sent me a new cable and it fixed the issue.

Brian Rego

Unfortunately a month later I have a problem with a dark screen even though everything on the oculus app says it is connected and functioning.

I genuinely love VR but HATE oculus. It’s such a shame we have to deal with so much nonsense in this space.

Richard McVicker

How have people gotten USB PCI cards to work with the Rift S? When I tried Windows wouldn’t load the USBHUB3.SYS driver that the Rift S requires to the PCI card. After half an hour chatting with a Windows tech advisor last year I discovered that the USBHUB3.SYS driver that the Rift S USB Hub requires is limited to only USB 3.0 onboard the motherboards and won’t work for USB 3.0 PCI cards which means the Rift S will only work if plugged into a 3.0 port on the motherboard.

Richard McVicker

I was using a 2010 Mac Pro Bootcamp loaded with Windows 10. I upgraded the graphics card and cpu to Rift S specs installed a USB 3.0 PCI card and got the software up and running fine but the software refused to detect the Rift S as connected even though the goggles showed up in the display system setting. In the Device Manager there was an error icon on the Rift S USB Hub. Oculus support was absolutely useless. I kept sending them proof the problems is with their software requiring the use of the Windows driver USBHUB3.SYS which the Windows tech told me that Windows will only load that driver for onboard USB 3.0 ports and that it wouldn’t work for PCI cards. Oculus support didn’t want to hear it.

Michael Naujoks

Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Kann du Du mir helfen.


Hi, thank you so much for you post. I think the answer from reddit has been deleted and unfortunately I cannot finder the proper answer for this obnoxious issue. Do you think you could tell me what the solution actually was?

Many thanks,



I am also having this problem. Hopefully we can find an answer.


Hello. PoringOP here…. The solution appears to not work anymore, as I kept getting many messages asking me for additional help, wherease originally, many people said it worked.

Someone quoted the tutorial later down in the comments if you still want to give it a try, but I wouldnt hold my breath. x3

BTW – boycott oculus anyway.

Jose Antunes

Hi PoringOP. When i wrote the article I noted it was a temporary solution, so people should gro from there. But I understand people just want to find a solution, even now, 9 months since the problem started. My Oculus Rift S continues to not be a reliable piece of hardware, and while I can manage to get it working again, many people will just not be able to do so… and should not have to.

Anyways, with Facebook’s recent announcement that you need a FB account for your Oculus VR headset, I am done, and I am even more glad I ordered two HP Reverb G2. I just hope developers decide to produce their titles for more than what is starting to look like “Zuckberg’s VR”.

Sou Sou

hello guys i bought the rift s today same issue no display port trying lot of things nothing i dont find the 1.43 version found this answer on reddit to rollback , i’m desperate..

Dennis Greene

It feels like rift s is purposely sabotaging the platform. I had nextvr one day, then not the next. VR chat rooms worked as they should, now nothing in it seems to work. I bought Everyday Golf VR 2 years ago and watched as playstation golf came with a weighted club the following week, I still can’t get that accessory for the rift. So, no accessories, no live sports, no movies. I talk to support and they gave me the runaround for a month getting me to update this update that instead of just saying nextvr isn’t available for the rifts now. It seems the quest standalone 64 bit computer is able to receive a signal that my multi thousand dollar systems just can’t. I’m calling bullshit.


I have this same problem everyday. So far my only work around is to delete the device in oculus software and then add the device again and go through the stupid VR health and safety video… then recreate my guardian to play.


he deleted the post


Okay so, I did this back a few months ago, and it all worked out. but a few days ago i had to uninstall oculus and now i cant re-download it because of the blocking updating step. I don’t remember what was used to block oculus so now im stuck not being able to use it at all and install it… Think you could help?


the solution is deleted… this could potentially fix my headset and the solution is fking deleted… why why why


If you haven’t seen, it doesn’t work. I went through as much of the solution as I could and at some point it is no longer able to progress to the next step. It’s as if the Occulus software detects what you are trying to do and crashes immediately.


I bought the Oculus Rift s and a brand new game ready laptop for my father who has serious mobility issues. VR was suggested as a means of improving his mobility and it worked – for 1 month. Suddenly the characters in the sports game he enjoys move in slow motion, controllers are non responsive and there is a black framed edge appearing in the frame. We have tried all the suggested methods but after weeks of trying, nothing has worked. I am so sad for my dad as he was actually moving again.


I have had the problem of my Rift S not working forabout 2 months. I contacted Oculus support on 13th Nov. Dispite assurences to the contary, I have had no contact from them since the firest contact. Unfortunately the solution indicated in this thread has been deletedand therefore no longer available. If you have the details I would appreciate seeing it.


I was so angry that Oculus won’t take reasonable steps to apologize to users of their ineptitude in coding, that I shelved my Rift S. After sulking for a month, I decided to see if somebody with more coding savvy then me, had found a workaround. I was so excited, but alas, the reditor who wrote it deleted the post. If there is a copy of it, or someone knows how to do it, could it be reposted here? or a working link? I would sure appreciate it.

Oskar Smit

Came across this page over 18 months ago and was thrilled. I did the rollback and all other solutions presented by Reddit. None worked
It’s frequently established that the Rift S USB3 cable is at fault. It’s now well documented that the Rift S cables easily gets damaged and sadly it’s near impossible to fix for average consumers and expensive to replace. 2 things made diagnosis very difficult.
1. Facebook wouldn’t admit the problem .
2. Everyone is assuming it’s a driver/software/headset failure since it appears that way even after extensive research.
The USB3 cable on the Rift S actually links to an internal USB 2.0 and USB3 hub inside the headset . The cable is damaged in such a way that the internal USB2 hub only shows up and the USB3 hub fails to connect properly.
For those that don’t know, most USB3 cables (Incl the Rift S) have the pins for USB2 and USB3 inside.
The USB3 wiring is damaged inside of the Rift S cable.


my oculus doesn’t recognize my email to recover password, please help

Last edited 1 year ago by jesse

Hi, I know this an older post, but I figured I’d reply anyhow. I’m so happy now,nothing really fixed my rift for anything other than about 20 to 40 mins max, then bleeps,back screens and crashes, now after following this, it’s running as smooth as butter, sound is louder, no more popping and crackling or reaching constantly plugging in my powered USB 3.0 hub
Its amazing,I hope I don’t get a Meta Rep / unhelp desk removing in, in the middle of the night, with teamviewer, to scupper my hosts file.. Thanks thanks thanks…


I managed to retrograde my Oculus software, then Firmware to pre Meta / Facebook version. If you search Google for this, it could well fix yours too
If there is a downside, you have to use an older version of Steam VR, but this is easily done by subscribing to earlier beta versions. Hope you get yours fixed. Before these issues, I happily played, and completed ” Half Life Alyx”, if I’d have had such issues at the time, I simply would have given up. I really love my Rift S again… Shame there isn’t much that can touch it, been eying a Reverb G2 maybe for just sit down simulation games.


I have been emailing Meta for months about having a black screen in my Rift S headset. I followed all of their directions and nothing worked. They finally sent me a refurbished headset which doesn’t work either. This problem needs to be addressed or the company should refund the price of the headset + games.

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