Nstein Unveils WCM 4.1: Modular & Mobile

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Nstein Unveils WCM 4.1: Modular & Mobile

Nstein’s powerful editor-centric Web CMS now enables field reporting, keyword search & supports 3rd-party extensions

MONTREAL, April 29th, 2009– Nstein Technologies Inc., www.nstein.com (TSX-V: EIN), a leader in digital publishing solutions for newspapers, magazines, and online content providers, today announced the launch of WCM 4.1, a feature-rich upgrade to its award-winning content management system (CMS). Most notable among the additions is WCM MojoTM, a portable, mobile back-office version of WCM designed to empower smart-phone equipped writers, journalists and editors to create, edit and publish content in the field.

Since its inception, Nstein WCM has focused on being the most editor-centric, intuitive and intelligent Web CMS on the market; one that requires little to no training to master. WCM 4.1 continues that tradition, featuring a fully extensible drag-and-drop-enabled customizable dashboard that allows users to develop their own layouts from a pre-configured widget library. “Even with all the extended functionality of 4.1, it was important for us to retain a clean, intelligent interface,” said Nstein CTO Jean-Michel Texier, “one that minimizes clicks and maximizes users’ productivity.” Other innovations featured in WCM 4.1 include :

  • Support for WordPress® and other blogs
  • Support for Forums using the vBulletin® plugin
  • A crawling sitemap generator
  • A Google® keyword helper for editors

WCM 4.1 has adopted the RESTful architectural style, a best-practice protocol that is fast becoming the industry standard. “We decided to migrate this version of WCM to a RESTful architectural style because it truly respects the architecture of the web itself,” said Texier. “REST is definitely the best way to ensure seamless and highly-scalable interoperability between web-based applications. The mash-ups done with Facebook® or Google® through their respective REST APIs are proven examples of how powerful it is.”

Nstein’s new mobile content management tool, WCM Mojo, is an optional, lightweight add-on client that connects seamlessly to WCM via newer smart phone browsers, allowing writers, journalists and editors to create and edit stories, slideshows, manage contributions and follow editorial and behavioral statistics in real-time. It also allows editors to execute repetitive editorial tasks such as content approvals and content bundling while in transit.

WCM Mojo is designed to respond to a rapidly changing industry, where more and more content-creators are working remotely or on-location as stories break and unfold. “The real-time web is a reality that the media industry has to embrace. WCM Mojo enables our customers to stay on location to be the first to deliver up-to-the-minute updates using a rich, ergonomic mobile application dedicated to writers,” added Texier.


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