New Sony SL-E SSD for professionals on the move

Smaller than a credit card but offering up to 960GB of storage, the new top of the of the range SL-E series allows professionals to store, transport and quickly access high amounts of data.

New Sony SL-E SSD for professionals on the move

Featuring a compact and reversible USB Type-C port for connection, the new Sony SL-E SSD drives can be used  with a wide range of devices and are ideal for professional photography and tethered shooting with cameras as the Sony α7 III.

Sony is expanding its external Solid-State Drive (SSD) range with a brand new top of the range SL-E series, available, this May, in three capacities: 240GB, 480 and 960GB.  The new model, designed with thoughtful elements such as a wave surface for grip and making it easy to find by touch, is ideal for professionals on the move who need to carry huge amounts of data with them all the time. Smaller than a credit card and with a weight of only 50g, the Sony SL-E is small enough to put in your pocket but powerful enough for high-speed and safe data transfer.

In fact, there is no need to wait around while your files get transferred. This external SSD is compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2 (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) for ultra high-speed data transfer at a rate of up to 540MB/s (read) or 520MB/s (write).  Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, as it is equipped with compact and reversible USB Type-C ports for connection to all the latest mobile technology, as well as standard-A cables. Having both ports ensures usability with a wide range of devices including Mac and Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets.

New Sony SL-E SSD for professionals on the move

Sony suggests the SL-E drive is the ideal tool for professional photography, and offers users of cameras like the new Sony α7 III an excellent solution for high performance tethered shooting, through a high capacity and ultrafast connection to your PC. Data transfer speeds up to 540MB/s (read) and 520MB/s (write) provide, adds Sony,  for fast backups, quick checks and retouching of images. This makes for a portable, durable drive which is very useful to have on shoot, as well as for other professionals who need to store and easily transport high amounts of data and need quick access to them.

Because there are no moving parts inside the SL-E drive, it offers increased shockproof capability and reduces the chance of mechanical breakdown of the unit and dreaded data loss. The drive also contains ENC DataVault Lite software, so users can password-protect selected partitions using 256-bit AES encryption, leaving others ‘open’ for flexible usage. Once activated, a password is required every time you would like to access the encripted files. Multi-platform compatibility means you can set a password to lock from Mac then open from Windows, and vice versa.

A compact, portable solution for smooth photographic and creative workflows, the new SL-E SSD drives are available this May in Europe, priced at €169 for the 250GB model, €289 for the 480GB and €499 for the 960GB. No price or availability announced, yet, for the United States.

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