New Silk LED lights at IBC 2016

Rosco shows at IBC trade show in Amsterdam its newly expanded line of Silk LED soft lights, along with products like its LitePad Vector.

New Silk LED lights at IBC 2016

The new Silk LED lights are the most brilliant product on show at Rosco’s booth at IBC 2016. Rosco Silk LED fixtures provide uncompromising light output for film and broadcast professionals.

Designed to meet the requirements of the most discerning filmmaker, the Silk LED lighting system has been specifically developed for film and video applications that demand extremely color-accurate, high-quality light. Rosco states that “utilizing proprietary, state-of-the-art, tungsten & daylight balanced LEDs, Silk LED fixtures produce a high volume of broad-spectrum white light. With TLCI, CRI and R9 metrics in the high 90’s, the fixture is capable of producing a high volume of light output at color temperatures ranging from 2800K – 6500K” something that contributes for the fixtures ability to create “enticingly soft, diffused light that gently embraces its subjects.”

One example of that is the brand new Silk 110, which produces an impressive volume of broad-spectrum white light – up to 2400 Lux at 1M – while still maintaining its flattering, soft and diffused light output. Thanks to its modular engineering and shared components, the Silk 110 will feature the same high TLCI, CRI, and R9 ratings as the Silk 210, as well as the same 2800K-6500K color temperature range.

The Silk line of LED soft lights includes a variety of new sizes presented at the IBC 2016 show in Amsterdam. Additional Silk variants include the thinner Silk 205 and 305 units, and the larger Silk 220 fixture. With the five lights there is a solution for almost every lighting situation including; sound stage production of feature films and television shows, on-location shooting, broadcast studios, and commercial & portrait photo shoots. No matter the size, every Silk fixture offers the ultimate in color quality that has made Silk 210 such a success.

New Silk LED lights at IBC 2016

Another element of light present at Rosco’s booth is the LitePad Vector, the light fixture cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers choose for on-location lighting. LitePad Vector Daylight creates the same soft, even illumination that LitePad is known for, at a fixed color temperature of 6000K, while producing four times the output of its 12″x12″ LitePad predecessors. The unit’s light-weight, compact form-factor makes LitePad Vector the ideal lighting solution for interviews, documentaries and television/feature film productions. Thanks to its on-board dimming and its compatibility with standard Anton/Bauer or V-Mount battery packs, the LitePad Vector easily goes everywhere a flattering, soft light is needed, indicates Rosco.

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