New light kits from Ikan

Rayden and Lyra lines of lights from Ikan get new options, with the launch of 5-point and combo light kits, both available in Daylight as well as Bicolor.

New Light Kits from Ikan

If you need lighting for our sets, explore the new light kits from Ikan, which offer more options and an almost infinite number of combinations, with the addition of the new products extending the current 2-point and 3-point lighting kits.

According to Ikan, “the combo lighting kit offers you more versatility because you can mix and match lights from the same line. For example, you could use a combination of Lyra lights such as a 1×1 for the key light, a ½ by 1 for the fill light, and a ½ by 1 for the backlight. You could also get something like the Rayden Daylight 5-point lighting combo kit and get 3 RW10s and 2 RW5s. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and what your shooting conditions are, the combination light kit can help you customize which lights to use. The maximum amount of lights you can get in a combo lighting kit is 5 while the minimum is 3 lights.”

The new 5-point lighting kit really extends what is possible to do with a set of lights. The kit offers the 3-point lights you’ll need including the key light, the fill light, and the backlight, as well as 2 additional lights, which can be used with a green screen, chroma keying, or lighting a background. With this kit, continues Ikan, “you get 5 lights, 5 stands, 2 bags to carry lights, and 2 stand bags. This kit helps you create whatever lighting setup that you want with a variety of Lyra lights or Rayden lights. All lighting kits come in either the Lyra line or the Rayden line and can’t be combined.“

New Light Kits from Ikan

Lyra soft lights create a nice, clean shadow on any subject. These soft lights combine high CRI LED chips with a soft panel to create a beautiful, soft wrapping light as well as consistent color and brightness. With the Lyra soft lights, you can adjust all settings with a single knob and view the light output with precise measurements with the new LED readout.

Rayden LED lights offer high CRI 45-degree lenses to produce extremely bright light. With a 50-degree beam angle, you can easily light a large area with one fixture. The key feature of Rayden LED lights is its versatility: the 30-degree yoke, baby 5/8” and junior 1 1/8” combo pin allow you to attach and configure the light in different ways. “With Ikan’s light kits, we’ve always given you the ability to have options.

The new products are available, as mentioned above, in Daylight (5600K) as well as Bicolor (3200K-5600K). For a cinematographer or Director of Photography, “having more options is better on any production,” says Product Manager, Barry Garcia.

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