New Interactive Monitor Menu Simulator Now Online

Need to get familiar with an FSI monitor before it arrives? Already own a monitor and can’t quite remember how to get to that helpful function you used last time? No worries, our new interactive monitor menu simulator is now online and has some very useful capabilities:

  • Explore the monitor’s entire menu structure just as if you were in front of the unit.
  • Search for features and let the simulator show you how to activate them.
  • Get concise descriptions of most monitor functions and capabilities.
  • See interactive examples of how some of our key features operate.​​​
The PDF user manual will of course continue to be updated, but the new menu simulator should serve as a helpful supplement to the information in the manual. ​Give it a try and let us know what you think.


Limited Supply of NAB B-Stock Monitors Still Up for Grabs

More than half of our Advance Purchase NAB B-Stock items have already been spoken for in under 2 weeks, but there is still time to save big on some of our most popular monitors. See what’s still available here: http://www2.flandersscientific.com/e/52672/category-s-35-htm/ldsrg/60681683

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