New BenQ monitors for video post-production

The new high-end PV series monitors from BenQ is designed for visual effects, color correction and management. Welcome the PV3200PT and PV270 monitors.

BenQ monitors for video

The new monitors from BenQ for video professionals promise to offer uncompromising color accuracy and high resolution, up to 4K UHD on the first and QHD on the second.

With the PV3200PT reference BenQ presents its first monitor designed specifically with video post-production engineers in mind.  According to the company, this wide-angle 32” IPS monitor, which features high 4K UHD (3840×2160 pixel) resolution to scrutinize images to the finest details, is ideal for video production.

BenQ video monitor

The PV3200PT’s color gamut covers 100% Rec.709 and 100% sRGB and the monitor includes hardware calibration support and includes the Palette Master Element calibration software to adjust the monitor’s color gamut, white point, color temperature and luminance, among other settings.  With hardware calibration and a 14-bit 3D LUT, an average Delta E≦1.5 is achieved to deliver high color accuracy and reproduction for a true representation of the original storytelling images.

BenQ indicates that an optional Software Development Kit (SDK) allows studios or calibration software provider to be more involved in customizing color calibration settings.  The brightness uniformity feature maintains the monitor’s display performance by ensuring even brightness throughout the display.  An included OSD controller provides user-friendly tactile control over the on-screen menu for additional convenience and efficiency.

The second monitor announced is the PV270, a 27” IPS professional monitor with QHD (2560 x 1440 pixel) resolution with expansive color spaces covering 100% Rec.709, 96% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB required in digital cinematic video post-production and photo retouching.

BenQ video monitor

With Technicolor Color Certified certification, the PV270’s display luminance, color gamut, and gamma are Hollywood-ready.  Moreover, the X-Rite powered Palette Master calibration software assists hardware calibration for conformance to artists’ requirements, taking the suspense out of the final picture.  As with the PV3200PT, the PV270’s optional SDK allows further color calibration customization.  Extreme color accuracy with average Delta E≦1.5 should inspire confidence for colorists to produce the best pictures possible with precise color consistency across the entire production workflow.  With 24P support, videos can be viewed with correct timing at their native cinematic frame rates.

BenQ indicates that “several features set the high quality PV270 apart from its competition allowing convenience and to increase work efficiency.  The built-in backlight sensor quickly stabilizes the monitor’s brightness while the brightness uniformity feature maintains consistent brightness across the viewing surface”. The information provided also states that “the The GamutDuo function allows artists to simultaneously review images on-screen side-by-side from two sources using two different color standards (e.g. Rec.709 and DCI-P3).  With film production expanding to worldwide collaborative efforts, the PV270’s Color Display Clone software can be used to detect differences in ambient light to automatically adjust the displayed color temperature for consistent color performance across remote offices and environments.  The PV270 also includes a monitor hood to reduce reflections on the screen’s surface and mitigate display contrast to improve conditions for image retouching and soft proofing.

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