New 1300 series monitors from SmallHD

The new production monitors from SmalHD will, says the company, boldly go where no other production monitor has ever gone before. Discover the 1303 Studio and 1303 HDR.


With a bright, sharp and anti-reflective 13-inch display and rugged built quality the new monitors from SmallHD aim to be the perfect blend of of functionality and portability.

SmallHD says that these are “the most rugged and agile 13-inch production monitors built for precision focus.” While the wide viewing angle (178 Deg.) allows for an easy share of the information on screen, these monitors are also, due to their display size, resolution and pixel density, “an invaluable tool for precision focus pulling”. The company says that with a 1303 production monitor around, “when you don’t have the time or proper measurements, a razor-sharp, low latency display will help you hit your marks.”

To guarantee that you can see what you’re doing, the panel is roughly 3x brighter than most production monitors, meaning that the 1303 is not restrained by ambient light. Small HD says that “its optically bonded LCD combats glare and sunlight, allowing you to pull focus in less than ideal shooting environments” and then adds that the monitor was calibrated for collaboration, so you can “preview what you’re sending downstream using the Output Preview Page, while utilizing software features like customizable focus assist and peaking on your 1303 monitor. If it’s the only monitor near by, its color accuracy (100% REC 709) and broad viewing angle make it easy to share with clients and directors.”

New 1300 series monitors from SmallHD

If a production monitor is to go everywhere, it needs to have proper power options. The 1303 series has simple and convenient solutions: the 2-pin LEMO out allows for a seamless integration with accessories such as the Teradek Bolt wireless receiver.

In terms of connecting to other accessories, the 1303 series follows in the family footsteps: all  SmallHD production monitors are equipped with the Rapid Rail Mounting System, the simplest way to connect, store, and travel with critical monitor accessories.

In terms of prices, expect to pay $2799.00 for the SmallHD 1303 Studio (400 nits) and $3499.00 for the SmallHD 1303 HDR (1500 nits).

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