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NAB 2019: 28, 40 and 105mm Make 10 Sigma Cine Prime lenses

Revolutionary lenses for the era of high resolution digital cinematography

The line up of Cine lenses from Sigma continues to grow, and the new additions expand the options available for those who prefer primes. The three new lenses, which integrate Sigma’s FF High-Speed Prime Line, are the 28mm T1.5 FF, 40mm T1.5 FF, and 105mm T1.5 FF. With these additions, the FF High-Speed Prime Line now includes ten lenses covering 14mm to 135mm and T1.5 to T2, giving cinematographers even more options to empower their artistic expression and take their cinematic vision to the next level.

First seen at IBC 2018, where they were available for test-shooting, the Sigma 28, 40 and 105mm T1.5 debut at NAB 2019 as products ready for users to take home. The brand new 28mm T1.5 FF, 40mm T1.5 FF, and 105mm T1.5 FF are similar to all the already available lenses in the FF High-Speed Prime Line, meaning they are compatible with full-frame image sensors and optimized for ultra-high-resolution 6K-8K shooting. Sigma says that the “the lineup exceeds even high-end prime sets” and adds that “combining all the main specifications that exist in other lenses in the lineup, this addition further expands the potential of movie production in the current digital era.”


According to Sigma, the High-Speed Prime Lens combines the same high-quality optics and mechanics of their Global Vision still line in a cine-oriented design. A common 95mm front diameter and similar physical attributes across the lens line make it easier and quicker to mount lens accessories such as matte boxes, follow focuses, and lens control motors.

The 9-bladed iris produces pleasing out-of-focus bokeh effects, and ghosting and flaring have been minimized. Color reproduction is standardized for easier color correction. Each lens in the range offers consistent lens gear positions and 180° of focus barrel rotation. The FF High-Speed Primes also feature a clickless iris with linear markings, dampeners on each gear ring for silent operation, industry-standard 0.8 module gear pitch, and engraved markings for durability. Select markings are done in luminous paint for easy visibility in low light.




28mm, 49mm, and 105mm Highlights

  • Covers Full-Frame Sensor Size
  • T1.5 to T16 Aperture Range
  • Geared Focus and Iris Control Rings
  • Clickless Iris Ring, 9-Blade Iris
  • Suitable for 8K Image Capture
  • Lens Scale Marked in Feet
  • Weighs 3.4 Pounds
  • 95mm Front Diameter

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