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NAB 2016 – fayteq and their Matchmoving Plug-in for After Effects fayIN

New technology makes this hybrid-3D tracker a new addition to the visual effects toolset.

One new piece of software that I’ve been seeing make its way into my email in-box is a new tracking and matchmoving solution called fayIN. Coming from a German company called fayteq this plug-in for After Effects moves way beyond a point-tracker to produce some pretty impressive results in a short period of time. PVC has covered fayteq before even chatting with them at IBC last year. But as they continue to grow and get ready to launch a new product called fayOUT (which will remove objects in a frame) I wanted to see this for myself so I sat down for an interview about what fayteq does and demo of fayIN.

Ater the chat I got a demo of fayout doing its thing. I particularly like the way Felix took the No Parking graphic and moved it off the wall to make it looks like it is floating in the frame. There’s a lot of tutorials on the fayteq website to check that out for more details on how to use fayIN.

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