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NAB 2016 cineXinsert – A File to File Inserting Tool for Mac OSX

For the first time ever cineXinsert will let you insert a fix into a mastered, closed, exported video file.

Yesterday was the first day on the NAB 2016 show floor but I don’t know how I’ll find a cooler product than this so let’s just declare it the winner of Best Post-Production Product: cineXinsert from Cinedeck. Last year at NAB we talked to Cinedeck about their technology that will let you take a mastered, closed video file (think a ProRes .mov master that has been exported and is ready for delivery) and insert a change into that file without re-exporting. This was limited to the Cinedeck hardware and at NAB 2016 they are showing a Mac-Based software-only version of this patent pending technology.

Imaging you’ve mastered a two hour show and you find a lower third misspelling. With cineXinsert you can take a single shot you’ve exported from your NLE with the spelling fixed and replace that misspelling in the mastered file. It could truly be an amazing timesaver and be worth the $1500 price with one use.

It works with most all codecs including ProRes, DNxHD, JPEG2000, XDCAM and both .mov and .mfx wrappers. Resolution scales up to 4K. There’s also audio and closed captioning support. It will use iLok for license management.

This isn’t insert editing like in an NLE timeline but like insert editing to tape. You can’t make a file longer you can only replace something in the existing file. Imaging what a time-saver this could be: no re-render, no-re-export.

Cinedeck is in booth SL 15413 and they are raffling copies of cineXinsert every day to head to the back of South Lower if you’re around and check it out.

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