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PVC at NAB 2015: Cinedeck and insert editing into a closed file

Imagine not having to re-export an entire show to fix a single shot

Cinedeck is a name that has been around the film and video business for many years. They were the original creator of the out-board ProRes monitor and recorders. I recent years they left that market to create advanced workflow solutions with some great file-based hardware to replace tape decks. And now they can insert edit to a file.

The insert editing of audio, video (or both) to a closed file was quite the buzz at NAB 2015. Both myself and Bruce Johnson stopped by to get the scoop. Imaging if you messed up a lower third in an hour long program this solution would allow you to just re-insert that shot with the lower third without having to re-render and re-export the whole program. This is provided you are using the Cinedeck system. In the video do discuss a stand-alone software product that Cinedeck has coming in the future.

PVC at NAB 2015 – Cinedeck from Pro Coalitions on Vimeo.

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