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The Swag of South Hall – NAB 2015

How about a silly little NAB post?

Swag 14 of 31

Most of my NAB 2015 was spent in the north hall teaching at Post|Production World but on the last day I wandered around the South Lower hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. And there I picked up some swag. What’s the point of good swag? To make you remember the company, so here we go.

The big trend in swag this year? Pens. Click to open pens. Pens with a touch screen stylus. Pens with a flashlight. Click to open pens with a touch screen stylus and a flashlight. What’s crazy is this is just swag from a few hours roaming the south hall. If you really wanted to decorate your condo take a big bag and give yourself a day or two to scour the show floor.

that studio

That Studio had t-shirts, stickers and glow sticks to go along with their visual effects, music and Adobe Premiere Pro CC panel. That couch in their booth was also a nice place to relax as it was comfortable.

That Studio Glow Sticks

My kids love the glow sticks most of all so they declared That Studio the winner of NAB 2015 swag.

Facilis Terrablock

Facilis Technology gave away some beer koozies and a smart phone stand for your desk so you can drink and watch YouTube as their TerraBlock storage serves up media from the machine room.

Lumberjack Systems

I have to say that the little zipper pouch from Lumberjack System was one of the most useful bits of swag (I picked this up at the FCPWORKS suite) this year. I had a pocket full of change that accumulated over the week and the this little pouch was the perfect place to put it.

EIZO monitors

In addition to Eizo’s monitors they had squishy dice. If you don’t want to do some edit suite gambling with them feel free to squeeze them as a stress ball.

Silverdraft Systems

Speaking of stress balls you could squeeze the little devil head from Silverdraft Systems. These high-end workstations and supercomputers are “sinfully fast.”


Technology and creative training website Pluralsight had some really cool swag. They went all out with hats, pens with flashlights, an hourly giveaway of a remote control Audi R8 (fast track your career) and a nice alternative to a brochure.

In addition to hats and pens (multipurpose pens with a flashlight and touchscreen stylus) Pluralsight had these cool folding information boards instead of the usual printed sheets or brochures. I’ll throw all the brochures away but I’ll keep that thing.

Swag 21 of 31

Motion Boutique was showing their Polyline and Newton2 products from After Effects. Since Newton2 is a 2D physics engine a rubber bouncy ball was perfect.

Swag 22 of 31

If you want to clean your glasses or lens then lens cleaning rags from Lensrentals.com and Weather Metrics might come in handy. And of course Flanders Scientific had their LCD screen cleaning kits but I’ve got several of those already so I didn’t grab one of those.

Telestream Switch

Telestream had some t-shirts for their Switch media playback, inspection and correction product. You can never have enough t-shirts.

Swag 23 of 31

Coho Data (Surprisingly Simple Storage that is Fast. Flexible. Forever.) had keychains and stickers. Looks like that thing can be a bottle opener. Apparently fsck is some nerdy UNIX term that means something to someone in the know.

Other World Computing

Other World Computing had some USB flash drives and good old regular pen. No flashy lights or anything. Just a pen. To write with.


Editstock had some USB drives with a nice color scheme. I grabbed that at the Supermeet.

Swag 24 of 31

Companies like Chyronhego and Planar can help with graphics, signage and keeping your breath fresh and lips smooth.

Swag 30 of 31

Infortrend provides networked storage solutions so it’s a place to keep all your data. It seems only fitting they would have swag bags to carry stuff. It’s nice they collapse down very small. I’ll need this next year.


AEE was a company that I had never heard of that looks like a GoPro competitor but they also make drones! They had a central hall booth and had these little stand things that stick to your phone. My 3 year old likes this one as he things it’s both a boat and an airplane.

Swag 8 of 31

Dternity from Fujifilm had all the useful swag to go along with their data archiving solutions. You could choose koozies, lip balm and/or hand sanitizer on a carabiner! Or all three as they didn’t seem to care.


iZotope can fix your audio but they can also fix your audio but they also had stickers, pens and hand sanitizer.

Swag 28 of 31

And speaking of pens, pens were all over with writing instruments from Visual Research (broadcast graphics), AIC (storage), Data Direct (more storage) and Metus (file management, transcoding and capture). But G-Technology won the pen swag contest (just ahead of Pluralsight) with a nice, heavy pen that has a touch-screen stylus and a flashlight.

It was some fun stuff passed out by the tech companies in the South hall of the LVCC. I can’t imagine how much of a haul it would have been if I had gone really searching both the North and Central halls. Maybe next year. With a big bag.

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